Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 28, 2008

Black Friday

 Is everybody full? Boy, I am!!! By the way, The Husband’s dressing was a huge success! (We won’t do it again next year though!) I want to tell you about a very worldly tradition that I have for the Day After Thanksgiving…Black Friday!!!

 For years and years Bethany, Stephanie and Emma and Buddy, my nephew who thinks he’s my cousin, get up before the crack of dawn. We put on a scarf, no matter what the temperature is…a scarf is as necessary as say…our pants.

We go to Dunkin Donuts, always Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks later, but D square 1st..

We head to a mall, Lenox is our mall of choice tomorrow…it’s our choice because Buddy is a shopping snob and will only go to Lenox  🙂

We shop…now when I say shop I don’t mean necessarily BUY…it’s so much fun to just look and people watch and be in the first official hustle & bustle of the season. As always with us there’s a contest of sorts…who can spot the most reindeer antlers…did you know folks wear reindeer antlers to shop on the day after Thanksgiving? Strange but true.


By 9:30am we’re famished. We’ve been up after all since before the crack of dawn. So we eat. Not breakfast…we head to Steak & Shake and eat hamburgers

and milkshakes.

A hamburger and milkshake at nine in the morning! Don’t judge me until you try it!

Then we go home and go back to bed!!!(Those aren’t my pups, but they’re cute!)

(This year Stephie and JonJon are in New York., so Stephie won’t be with us…we will miss her.)But the rest of will be getting our shopping on!

So that’s where I’ll be this morning. Oh and the bed, that’s where I’ll be this afternoon!

love love love…ps…it’s official now: The Christmas Season…turn on some twinkle lights!!!




  1. Yeah! I’ll be the first to comment. I bet everybody else is out shopping.

    You can even make Black Friday Shopping look fun.

    Home with coffee and silence but missing the deals,


  2. That precious photo of the dogs is the cutest ever! I hope you have a relaxing day. A nap would really suit me well. So glad to hear if I screw up on the corn bread and corn muffin mix I’ll still be in the clear : )

  3. Gotta love Black Friday, it’s a tradition with me and my sister too. It’s fun to just watch the frenzy, the deals are usually good too! It just gets me in the Christmas spirit! We did pretty good today, we started at 3:30 and were finished by 7:00.

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