Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 27, 2008

~I’m Thankful~And who knew cornbread and corn muffins are not the same thing?


It’s here! Thanksgiving Day! A day to stop and give thanks. How awesome is that? I feel especially thankful this year for my new on-line buds. I can’t tell you enough how much my connections mean to me…I thank God for you~ Now, let’s Make this a Happy Day!

ps…there is an ever-so-slight chance that I may have messed up The Husband’s famous dressing…you know how important a successful dressing is to him, he practiced cooked a pan last week…weeellll, one of my jobs yesterday was to make the cornbread for the dressing. So I did. Eight little boxes! Now, I don’t eat cornbread. gasp, I just don’t like it. How was I, cornbread hater that I am, supposed to know that this: 

Is not the same thing as this:  

Yesterday I pinched off a bite and thought: Ummm, this cornbread is better than I remember. Sweeter than I remember. And that my friends should have been my first clue. 

Unfortunately, I was oblivious and The Husband, after 3 hours slaving in the kitchen with his secret 3 generation old dressing recipe, interupted The Santa Clause (movie) and said : “My dressing is sweet Robin.” (It’s either a really good thing when he calls me Robin or a really bad bad thing.) “And there’s no reason for my dressing to be sweet…unleeess you used corn muffin mix instead of corn bread mix.”

This is when my eyes got half as big as my head and I started talking really fast. Saying words that didn’t go together. You know, word salad.  Anyhoo…

If you are reading this and will be attending Thanksgiving dinner with me…DO NOT speak about these things at dinner! Just say: “Ummm, this is the best darn dressing I’ve ever had or ever hope to have in my entire life.” Go on to say…”The sweet and savory taste of this dressing is unique and delectable. Praises to the one who made it.”(or something close to that.)

I’ll let you know if I’m in the dog house… 🙂

pss. If the dressing is horrible, I have a plan. I’m blaming Walmart. They had approximately 700 boxes of corn muffin mix on the shelves and no cornbread packets. I think I could get some big bucks if I sue for them for ruining Thanksgiving Dinner.



  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! We did the same thing when my parents were over here in the summer…..I was craving dressing and mom made some….out of the only cornbread mix we could find (they don’t do cornbread in Europe)…and it was really sweet!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a great day anyway!!! It will be fine and a good story to share next year!

  2. Woke this morning and ran to see if you blogged. You didn’t let us down–even on Thanksgiving.

    Hate to say it but I like salty cornbread. I would have covered for you though and raved over it.

    P.S. I loved your sock monkey post–have such great memories of those. Goge bought some for us. I’d forgotten them. 🙂



  3. I so needed to start my day off with a laugh! I didn’t know there was a difference either Robin, that could have been me!

    Do you want to know the first thing my kiddos asked when they got up? “Mom, is it time to do our craft yet? Please can we do them now!” It was too cute.

    And I am thankful for you and the way you have nudged my holiday spirit and given us a renewed spirit for making memories! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

    ps. and also thanks to you, if anything at all does go wrong, I am just going to envision you in your pilgrim outfits from long ago and I assure you it will instantly put a smile on me face!!

  4. Robin it could have been much worse> Be thankful Mike has redone your kitchen and even cooks in the kitchen. I can do dishes in the sink and scramble eggs and make toast. That isn’t the best food for Thanksgiving groups. My Ruth got the short end of the domestic husband part. I just recently figuared out their is a certain way to load the dishwasher. I tried to fake it for a couple years but do to Ruth’s recent condition I had to step up my A game and help out in this area as well. I will swear to never divulage your mixed up mix problem. You and Mike are great friends to me and Ruth. Have a great Thanksgiving day with your family. Happy Blogging.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, dear heart!!!

    You know, there is just nothing better than some sweet dressing. (I’ve never eaten cornbread or corn muffins… so I understand your plight… you’re looking at clueless personified over here.) But I am SURE the stuffing is going to be amazing. And I think the real answer here is that if he has you make anything for his dish it’s going to be sweeter because your innate sweetness rubs off on everything you touch.

    Can he really argue with that? And if he says that’s a load of crap then you can get mad at him for not agreeing that you’re so sweet you rubbed off on the dressing and that makes everything his fault and not yours.

    Your welcome. And Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  6. you really entertain me with your blogs and notes. I think your pictures are especially gripping.
    Thanks for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your trip to Lenox. I wish I was there.

  7. I can’t believe nobody asked what he calls you the rest of the time. How was the dressing?

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