Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 26, 2008

And…I’m still working on yesterday’s list!

 I had a list yesterday. A perfectly good list too. It was doable and slightly whimsical. I was happy about my list…

It included :


2)Groom (I seriously have to put this on my list these days as all I want to do is sit in my flannel pa-jay-jays and write)

3)Help decorate   His Hands Church.

4)Grocery shop for Thanksgiving

5)Make cookies for The Husband to take to work

6)Start the Thanksgiving cooking!


I did write and much to The Husband’s surprise, I did Groom and I did help decorate my church…But that’s where it ended. His Hands is a big church and we decorate like we do everything else…with excellence. The church looks at it as a gift to everyone. No kidding, you should see peoples faces light up when they walk in church in December. 

 I love decorating as you know. So I was in it for the long haul. It took 10 of us about 6 hours and it looks great! I took my little camera, which I’ve apparently forgotten how to use, and most of my pictures were dark with only lights showing. Here are a precious few that turned out.


 That’s only 1 of the 10 trees, I’ll post more later, because I’m pretty sure they will give you a tiny smile and I love to pass along smiles…

Anyhoo,  back to my list, I’m waaaayyy behind this morning. I skipped my cycle class and I’m about to throw on a hat and run to the grocery store. I’ll be cooking and jogging in place after that. (Gotta make up for my missed exercise!) The pups will be doing this…

White pups are pampered, they need beauty sleep~


Ollie is the watch dog, he watches for snacks!


 I will also be praying for you today. Whatever it is you’re doing to set the stage for your family or friends, remember…it matters. Blessings friends and Happy Today~



  1. Girl, not only do you decorate churchs and houses, you decorate my soul. What an uplifting treasure you are. Thanks for sharing yourself and your talents with us! Blessings to you and yours today as well!

  2. Excellent! I have told you what a blessing your life and ministry has been to me this holiday season. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for you, Robin. I won’t imagine the sadness this Thursday would have brought without you in my life. We are getting the house ready and setting the stage. OH that gave me an idea! I’ll tell you more about it if I decide to do it.

    I am going out to buy my games today, and I have called some cousins to come and join us after they have turkey with their immediate families. We even have a promise from the one and only JuJu!!! Hopefully, we will start a new tradition. Oh, my heart is full of love and thankfulness for you. I praise God for sending you my way, Robin.

    Have a beautiful, wonderful day of thanks.

  3. I loved your post as with all the others..You write beautifully. The church looks great and I know everyone is thankful for your special touch.

  4. Can’t wait to see more pics of your church. You’re spreading the joy everywhere you go. Everytime you blog.

    Have spent most of today working on my novel proposal. What a treat to take a break and read about your decorating. That’s what I love about your blog. It’s fun to read, beautiful to look at, and it moves my soul. Lotsa heart here, as always.

    Isn’t there a scripture that says something like, “Whatever you put our hands to, to do it with your whole heart.” ?? Something like that. You’ve mastered this one.


  5. I think I ‘m as excited about Anita’s Thanksgiving as I am my own!!!!
    No kidding, I’ll be praying tomorrow…

  6. Your prayers are greatly appreciated, Robin.

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