Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 25, 2008

The Thanksgiving Message that crossed continents, time, and space…

 Five years ago, my daughter Stephanie lived in England for a few months. In October, while she was there I crossed the pond for a visit. One cold morning she took me to the Portobello Market in Notinghill. It was there in Notinghill that I unknowingly received a message that crossed continents, time, and I’m just going to say it…space.  

At the market,  I rummaged through the most amazing treasures. Most would not fit into my suitcase, but eventually, I found this little book of poems by Shelley. scan00681

It was old and I’m a slave to all things old, especially books, also it was small enough to easily fit into my luggage, so I bought it.

Little did I know I was being given a gift. A gift from 1938.  A gift from Somerset England. I believe a gift straight from God.  I thought during this Thanksgiving season, this gift may be for some of you too.


Only two years had passed since my brother left. (We lost him after a heroic battle with Ewings Sarcoma) When I got back from England Thanksgiving was fast approaching, only our second holiday season without David. Sadness clouded everything. I could hear it in my mom’s voice when we tried to plan Thanksgiving dinner. Daddy wasn’t talking, which is never a good sign and Baby Sister (Debra) was depressed and didn’t care who knew it.

I often go to books when I’m sad. One morning I picked up the little volume from Notinghill. I hadn’t really given it a through going over since I bought it and opening the front cover I felt warm when I saw this…scan0071


Felt peaceful when I turned the page and saw this…scan0069


But, when I turned the page again and saw this    scan0070-11  time stood still for a moment…


I knew it was a God Thing…I had cards printed, you can see it better on the card…

But just in case, I’ve also printed it below the card…


 In case you can’t read it, here’s what it says…

There are two ways of treating the memories of past joys.

One is to mourn over their loss and make them a source

of melancholy and regret.

The other is to count them among our

treasures of blessings and keep them

always as a reason for thankfulness.

~Berrow, Somerset 1938

 I knew this was The Father giving me a different way to think about loosing David. Like I said I had cards printed with this on them and sent the to my family and close friends. Some of my family didn’t see this as a message to them. Maybe it was just for me. Sometimes it’s just too soon to let go of meloncholy and regret. 

The message changed me that very day. But just three years later when Mom left, it took me awhile to embrace anew it’s beauty and meaning.  This Thanksgiving will be our third without Mom here.  And this year through tears, I can finally “count (my memories of Mom) among my (most precious) treasures and keep them as a reason for thankfulness. ”

If you’ve recently lost someone this may be too much for you right now, but I woke up this morning compelled write this. I pray that someone will find comfort in looking back over your memories of past joys and adding them to your treasure of blessings, keeping them always as a reason for thankfulness…

With so much love and so many prayers ~Robin



  1. Good post Robin. Appreciate you sensitivity. Right now I have several friends facing T-day without sons, both of whom died tragically. It will be 4 1/2 years since my mom went to be with jesus. I miss her but am thankful that I will see her again. I pray for you to have a blessed thanksgiving.

  2. this is lovely, and a wonderful way to reframe something very difficult and ongoingly challenging to one’s mood.

    thanks for sharing it.

    btw, go to kyle’s blog. he has an announcement that’s big and exciting! and no, it’s not that he and allison are engaged.

  3. That is a beautiful example of being given what you needed, when you needed it! I, too, believe the answers we seek come to us in messages if we are open to receiving them.

    This is a timely sentiment that truly may touch many at this time of holiday celebrations.

    Thank you for sharing that!
    Blessings Robin!

  4. Hi,

    I am a journalist on a newspaper in Somerset and came across this blog after it showed up in my news alerts.

    I would be very interested in following this up for a news story if you would be happy for me to do so.

    Please send me an email on to discuss this further.

    David Hemming
    Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News

  5. Perfectly written.

    Perfect message.

    Perfect timing.

    Stay tuned. He’s working through you.

    I love you,


  6. Robin, thank you so much for sharing that. Oh, I love our Jesus. I love that He did that for you and then inspired you to share it with us. Your heart is amazing.

    I want to be sure you know that God has already used you in a tremendous way to give me peace, joy, hope, and excitement this holiday season. I don’t know how Christmas will feel, but getting ready for Thanksgiving is so much more joyful than I could have imagined. I am scouring the internet and calling friends to find the best games to play. Wouldn’t you know it? God worked it out so that I am the hostess this year.

    My aunt who was battling cancer passed away last night. God knew this would come a few days before Thanksgiving, and He used you to prepare my heart so that my children can have a holiday of joy and laughter. I am pretty sure we need to laugh, too.

    I know this isn’t easy for you. Thank you for sharing from your pain and from your strength as well. It really does make a difference.

    All my love to you,


  7. Rob, Oh my goodness, what a precious revelation and gift God gave you. Thank you for sharing it with us. I so want to see my ever so small issue as a reason for thankfulness and as a blessing. Thank you, thank you. Love you, R

  8. hi 🙂 typed 2 handed today but am back to one… baby steps!

    amazing gift god gave you… can think of no one more special to have received it.

  9. May be just a bit prejudice, however, this is sweeeet stuff.
    Writing with passion, purpose and sensitivity in the creative
    style of…………………well, your own unique ( rare, one of a
    kind, having no equal style).

    I am blessed to have two very beautiful and talented daughers, that carry so faithfully, the one that once
    carried them. Your Mom would be very proud of you,
    and your most adoring fan………………and, ditto!

    In Christ, our calm in the midst of things,


  10. In true Robin fashion, your heart is open and ready to receive and give. Thank you for sharing this with me today… Thanksgiving was wonderful, BUT the next morning and the next morning are always sad ones.. I have forwarded this to all my “mom’s in the club” a club we have found ourselves members of and never wanted to join (mother’s who loss their child). Love to you, Lenora

  11. […] wrote a post right before Thanksgiving, The Message that Crossed Continents, Time, and Space it was about a message I got from a book I bought in England. In my post, I mentioned a couple of […]

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