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Three Little Kittens Mittens!

 Memory Making Day! 


Three Little Kittens Mittens

Garland & Party Favors!

(Hi Peeps! I’m making my Thanksgiving grocery list today! Hope your Monday is going good! It’s an exciting week and I know you’ll be busy but I wanted to post this idea just in case you have your little ones home or maybe bookmark it for later! It’s not only good for kiddos, it’s also a cute, cheap party favor if you’re in the party planning mode! Love to you all and I’m praying that you’ll be tickled by a bunch of joy butterflies this week!)


   For adults, these little mittens have magnets on the back, they are great party favors for a luncheon in

December or a Bible study or even a cookie exchange! Hang them on the inside of your front door or on

your coat closet door so your guests wont forget! 

It’s a good project for your kids to do to decorate their rooms. Just leave off the magnets! Or if your kids

are in school, you could organize this project in early December for your child’s classroom. The teacher

would love the mitten garland to decorate the room! You could also use these for Advent writing

 scriptures and activities on the back of each mitten.

You’ll need these supplies…


The Holiday paper is everywhere right now. You may want to buy just a few sheets if you will only be making only one garland. 

 The twine and clothes pins are left over from another craft, Advent Garland,

I wanted to make sure you had something to do with anything extra


I found this bag of goodies at Michael’s for under $5.00.

It’s full of red and green and fun shaped buttons.


 You could also cut fun shapes out of the red & green paper and decorate the mittens that way.

 If you want to you can paint the front of the clothes pins



Using a pattern cut mittens from different fun paper!

(I traced my mitten from an ornament, you could use a cookie cutter or find patterns online.)

The mittens work well If they are about 5 1/2 inches long~

Now have fun! Use your imagination to decorate!

I cut small pieces in coordinating paper to glue to the tops of the mittens.

And made tiny bows from the twine. Of course you could use ribbon or yarn!

The buttons and bows stay on with medium size dots of Elmer’s glue. It dries clear so no worries! 



Now wrap a little piece of tape around the end of the twine, cut tape & twine to an angle.

Use the taped end like a needle to thread through the clothes pins! 


It helps to make knots after each clothes pin. They need to be about 4″ apart to leave room for the mittens

to hang nicely!



If you want to make mitten magnets, now’s the time to cut  a piece of magnet from the roll and stick it to

the back of the mitten! Cut at least a 2″ piece of magnet, trust me 2 ” works better! dsc01000dsc01001

After the glue dries, hang your mittens with care!

From a garland to your frig. they’re soooo cute and really fun and easy to make! ?



Wouldn’t your guests love to take a set of mittens home to hang on the frig. ?


Happy memories!





  1. I love these! Do we get magnets on Thanksgiving?!?!? 🙂

  2. Bebe~ You know you can have whatever you want whenever you want! 🙂

  3. you’ll be happy to know right before i sat down to read this post i grabbed my modpodge to finish a christmas project! 🙂

    happy thanksgiving!

  4. How cute! You’re such a great mom-mentor for me! I’d settle for even half of what you have achieved! LOL! I am reminded on days like today that what some of my “obstacle” sometimes is in delivering on all that I envision for my memory-making plans… as I was dashing out the door this morning in fact I discovered that one small boy had in fact wet the bed… so not what I had on my list today!!! Add in the wet hockey gear I found forgotten in the back of the van this morning and my whole morning just turned on a dime.

    And to think Robin, I was supposed to be traveling to Greenville, SC for thanksgiving originally… I got to thinking the other day, it has to be semi-close to the ATL area? Oh what a little sunshine and warmth wouldn’t do for me right now!!!!

  5. I love this idea! Thanks!


  6. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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