Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mike!!!

 Happy Birthday To The Husband!

   10 Things you may not know about Mike…

 1~ Mike went from having ZERO kids to having FOUR within 12 months!!! (see # 5 & 6)


2~ Mike’s dad wanted to name him Sputnick and hasn’t fully accepted that Mike’s name is in fact Mike and not Sput



3~ Mike is a HUGE dog lover and waited patiently for 15 years for me to fall into puppy love. (We have 4 pups to love now!)

4~ Mike had a touch of gray when we met, within a few years he was completely silver. Hummmmm.

5~ I had 3 kids under 4 ½ when Mike and I got married!

6~ Mike didn’t think he’d was able to have kids…Emma was born 11 ½ months after we said “I do”.

7~ Mike always cheers for the underdog…in sports, in business, in nature and in life, case in point…me!

8~ Mike is awfully handy … he’s pretty much remodeled our house singlehandedly!

9~ Mike’s a “rescuer”, if there’s a problem that Mike can solve, he’s on it. Over the past 24 years he’s bought, fixed and given 5 or 6 cars to single moms. Once he even married a single mom! (along with her 3 tiny tots)

10~ At Mike’s 30th High School reunion, every single woman I met (and I’m not exaggerating here) said something like this: “Oh, in

 H.S. I had such a crush on Mike.”

I’m so thankful that Mike Gay was born!


Oh and # 11~ This is where I’d be if Mike Gay (aka…The Husband or Sputnick) wasn’t born…


 This is Mary Hatch: Spinster Librarian in It’s A Wonderful Life!



  1. Happy Birthday, Mike!!! You share a birthday with My Maxie! What a special day!

  2. Happy Birthday Mike!!! I vividly remember the day you ask
    me, Betty Jean and Grama for our premission / blessings to
    marry Robin. I don’t remember ever seeing Robin’s Grama
    jump that high. You were a God send, and our blessing’s
    that day to your request, have been returned a hundred-
    fold to our family. Happy birthday, to an excellent father,
    husband (THE HUSBAND), son-in-law and God fearing man.

    Much love,

    Mike R~

  3. Happy Birthday Mike! You sound like quite a man.

    Robin, this was a great way to do a birthday. It was enjoyable even for those of us who have never met Mike.

  4. and lets not forget where id be….

  5. I have known Mike for 18 years. He is a friend to all. Mike truly has never met a stranger. I know that he would do anything for me or mine if I needed it. He has a smile for everyone. The love of Jesus shines in his eyes and smile.

    Mike loves Robin with such a passion. Everything he does is centered around her and the family. He is an amazing husband, father, and friend.

    Mike and Robin are like Ken and Barbie. They are perfect for each other!!! I love them dearly!!!! They are an amazing couple who are loved by all that meet them.

    One of my most special memories with Mike and Rob was when my youngest, Candace, was very sick and was going to possibly have open heart surgery. The night before we left for the hospital Mike and Rob ever so humbly asked God to heal her. We went to Egleston Children’s Hospital expecting to be admited and a few hours later we were on our way home. They said the hole in her heart was completely closed up! There are no words to express the joy and thankfulness we felt on that July 4th that God had healed our daughter and how special He used Mike and Robin.


  6. I’ve never wanted to be adopted by people so much in my whole life 🙂

    Robin, that was lovely… and Mike, what beautiful words from your father-in-law. I know when my sister was a single mom with 2 kids and her now husband stepped into her life, there is nothing that has ever brought my family more joy. Watching someone you love so much hurt and struggle and then watching as someone doesn’t just step in, but step up… it was like a 20 ton brick off of all of us. At their reception all I could think to say for the toast was that we all loved watching how much he loved our sister.

    I love watching how much you love your family, Mike. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and feel all the love being sent your way!

  7. Robin, that was truly lovely. What a wonderful gift it is for our loved ones to know how much we appreciate them and how special they are to us. Thanks for letting us share in honoring a special day and a special person. Happy Birthday Mike!

  8. Y’all sound like such a great, great family! Happy birthday Mike!

  9. Wow. How do you read something like this and NOT leave a comment.

    Mike, you’re an amazing success in life and in love. In the things that matter. Happy, Happy Birthday. You help bring so much happiness to so many.


  10. Thank you guys for leaving comments. I read them on and off all day to him and he is just glowing!

  11. I actually think that I knew all of these things…. but they never cease to be so impressive. We are 4 lucky kids to have such a loving and selfless Dad…and such a wonderful model for what a marriage should look like. I love my Dad!!

  12. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man as my Dad! Two words immediately come to mind when I think of Dad: 1) Selfless and 2) Respect. I have never known anyone to be so selfless, so giving, or to care for others in such a Christlike way. Dad gives and gives with no expectation of anything in return. For those reasons and so many more, I have always respected Dad more than any man on the planet. Last year around Christmas, I made a promise to myself that I would not marry a man that I didn’t respect as much as I respect Dad. Luckily for me, God sent my hubby-to-be shortly thereafter!

    I strive to be more like Dad, I am so selfish! He is a true role model and real-life hero (yes mom, you are still my role model and hero too!!!) I love my Dad!!!

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