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Top 5 Christmas Movies!


~Favorite Movies~


It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, maybe you’ll pull out one of your favorite Christmas movies tonight to kick-start your decorating!? Nothing helps me get into the Christmas Spirit like a great movie. I was thinking about my go-to movies …and just why I like them! (When I asked myself why I liked these, I discovered the strangest theme…I need a diagnosis if you’ve got one 🙂

Christmas BoxThis ones just for me, no one else will watch it, but I have it on while I’m decorating the house! I love the

 elderly lady, watching her heart grow warm,the big old house, the orderly way they live and the idea of the

“Christmas Box.”



This one The Husband & I watch together every year! We get such a kick out of David Niven’s uptight

character and we think of our friend Dennis as Dudley! (played by Cary Grant) Again, I love the big old

house and the order of their lives! (I don’t think the modern day Preachers Wife isn’t nearly as good as ths one!)


And this is my favorite version of A Christmas Carol. I love the houses in this. Both of them…Scrooge’s big,

 cold empty house with the bed curtains cozily surrounding his bed. (I always think, I could so make that house a home!) And Cratchit’s tiny poor house that is

 most assuredly a warm home. I have this amazing memory of the day after Emma was born. Still in the hospital

 with baby Em tucked under my arm and this movie playing. It was dark outside and I was at GA Baptist

Hospital which was smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Out of the window  I could see the high-

rises all lit up for Christmas. I was so filled with joy that night so long ago and when I watch this movie, I feel that same feeling.

(There’s a slight chance it was the Demerol)  



 White ChristmasOh and every body’s favorite! This one has that irresistible Inn in Vermont! Love it! The Husband and I

 watch this one together and I sing all the songs. My girls could, at one time do a great version of : Sisters!

The first time The Husband and I watched it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving the year we got married. 

We made left-over turkey sandwiches and plain lays chips and snuggled in bed. It was dark except

for the movie. I sang along even then. And he laughed. I had the most amazing sense of home…and

watching it brings back that feeling.


And finally, this one! This is probably the 1st Christmas movie we’d pull out around Thanksgiving,when the kids were young, since it starts with the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

 The Fam would order pizza, make cookies, watch the movie and talk about going to New York one day to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. (JonJon & Stephie get to do that this year!)

The Husband and I still watch it on our “at home date nights”. (we really

need grandchildren) I love it because of the memories of my little ones and because of the sense of home that was found in the end when they got married…and I’m not

 gonna lie I love the cozy apartments in the NYC ! (And all the snow!!!) 

So how about your favorites? Tell me why you like them too! This is the first time I’ve

connected the “house” theme in my favorite Christmas movies! I wonder what that’s all about? Anyhoo,

can’t wait to see yours! 

 Kids Craft Coming Next Week!

 The Three Little kitten’s mittens!

Okay, next week I’m doing another Christmas  Craft! It could easily be done with the kiddos and used as a decoration or (surprise) you could use them for party favors! (And you’ll get to use up some of the extra supplies you may have had left over from the Advent Garland! Here’s a hint!

dsc010071     dsc010033





  1. Between you and Gitz I am gonna love next week too!!! You are making me think of things I haven’t thought of for a long time. I am still a fan of the original versions of all the old children’s Christmas tv specials, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town (still excited for you to share the Herbie the dentist story!) The Little Drummer Boy, Frosty the Snowman, etc. I also love the movie “A Christmas Story.” And finally, “Its a Wonderful Life.”

    Would you believe I haven’t heard of a couple of these movies you posted about? LOL. I am taking notes on everything! Cannot wait to for the kid’s craft next week! Thanks for sharing Robin! It is sunny and 7 degrees with a wind chill factor of -5 degrees! Still no snow on the ground by Rick is driving through Montana today where they got 4 inches overnight!

  2. “sense of home”…that describes you perfectly. You are so full of joy over the things that make a house feel homey. I feel peace and warmth (concerning my home specifically) after reading your blog.

    Any literary agents out there? Please sign Robin up to write a book called “Simply Home” or “OH MY GOSH do you LOVE this SEASON as much as I do?” or something like that, because I promise you it will sell like hotcakes.

    But I’m not buying my copy. I fully expect an advanced copy with a personal note from the author inside (just like I want from Gitz). I’ll buy copies for my friends, though.

  3. I watch “A Christmas Sotry”, “Home Alone”, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “Gremlins”…

    I watched these as a kid and I still like them, no matter how cheesy they are!


  4. I also love the Christmas Box. My husband bought it for me a couple of years back because I love it so much, I also watch it by myself because my family does not like it. I also love the Christmas Story because it is so funny and reminds me that every family is different and helps me to be thankful for mine and all of it’s oddities and that my husband doesn’t have a lef lamp. I love the Original Miracle on 34th Street! And of course It’s a Wonderful Life, who can’t get inspiration from that one!

  5. I LOVE BING CROSBY’S WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!! I want to have Vera-Ellen’s legs… but did you know they had to dub someone else’s voice over hers? That’s not her singing. And in the song “Sisters” it’s actually Rosemary Clooney only… she recorded both parts for the song.

    I might like that movie just a little bit…

    The only one I haven’t seen on your list is Bishop’s Wife… might have to be renting a few… 😉

  6. I love all these movies! (Except A Christmas Story, I’ve no idea why that movie gets on my nerves, my kids love it)

    And Gitz, I too have longed for Vera Ellen’s legs! I’m glad to know she didn’t sing, with those mad dance moves that just wouldn’t have been fair!!!
    And I had no idea that Sisters was Rosemary Clooney and Rosemary Cloney!!! Love the fun facts!

    I’m watching the Bishop’s Wife right now! love it 🙂
    Love to all~
    (Renee, I’m so glad someone else loves The Christmas Box 🙂
    (ps…Anita ~ you know your gift is encouragement don’t you? 🙂

  7. Wonderful idea, Anita. SIMPLY HOME. I love it, Robin. It just feels right.


  8. Thanksgiving tradition around the Grandi household: watch It’s a Wonderful Life and Santa Clause on Thanksgiving day. Football is non-existent on that day (or any day for that matter) for us. Further tradition has added Santa Clause 2 and White Christmas during the season.

  9. The Santa Clause (with Tim Allen) to clarify.

  10. Bill, I love The Santa Clause with Tim Allen! I watched The Santa Clause 2 while Stephie and I were decorating her house…my favorite part of that one is when his date (cant remember her name) sings Christmas lyrics to I Feel Like A Woman…physically painful, but oh so funny!!!
    And you’re like my husband, he’ll watch football if someone wants to but he sure doesn’t HAVE to have it on. I’m so glad about that!

    Julie, your gift is encouragement too.

  11. Um you forgot the most important movie…my personal favorite: The Santa Clause!
    Im trying to work on my homework right now, but i am more interested in blogging. Maybe that is because im stalling. HELP! Ten pages has never looked longer. Any way you migh twant to write a 10-12 page paper on any social issue?

  12. We love Home Alone

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