Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 20, 2008

Making a list and checking it twice…

  Here is the beginning of an affirmation I wrote for a church newsletter ten years ago…

It snuck up on me. Time has a habit of doing that ya know? One day I was mom to a house full of apple cheeked, curly haired bundles of energy and the next I was packing my oldest daughter Bethany off to college. Her long honey colored pony-tail swirled in the breeze as she excitedly toted boxes full of her life up the creaky dorm room stairs.”


I was looking at it this morning and remembering. The last part of the affirmation was a list I’d made of all the things I “wished” I’d done before Bethany moved out. There were things like:

*Listened more

*Spent more one on one time

*Made more memories

*Laughed more


That day ten years ago, I put my hands on that list and prayed to be able to do these things with the three kiddos I still had at home. Then I made another list…


How to be a great mom to a (semi) adult child…

*Be her biggest fan

*Make memories

*Listen more than I talk

*Be a safe place for her


I thought of this today in light of the Holiday season and the opportunity to make memories with kids, husbands, friends, parents…

Whatever traditions you have or want to have, if you’re like me, they don’t usually just happen. Like my bud Gitz reminds me, Live with Intention…Take a moment before the hustle and bustle starts and jot down a few things you’d like to do this season. Then put aside the time to do them! I’m making my list and one thing on it was to help the kids decorate if they needed me…

 Yesterday I got to help Stephie decorate her & JonJon’s house!  Here are a few pictures!

dsc01411     dsc01410   dsc01416

I’d love to hear a thing or two on your list for this holiday season~

Another thing on my list is to try some new recipes! I found this one on beanplate for spiced candied nuts…I “pre-Thanksgiving” tried them yesterday…

I’m gonna tell you the truth, there isn’t a better aroma than roasting nuts! I would send you some but The Husband finished them off last night!

dsc01396     dsc01398 

Sending love and snuggles~it’s cold here today, not as cold as in Iowa or Minnesota 🙂 but freezing for a Sissy Southerner! ‘Scuse me, I need to go get some Hot Chocolate!



  1. Nice Job. I found this encouraging as a father of a son just starting to head toward realizing he is a man.



  2. You should know, because of YOU, I am going to be sure we try at least a couple of new traditions this year!!! I haven’t fully figured it out, but there will be something! I open for all that you are throwing my way! And I will share them with you when I get it figured out : )

    I think you made a GREAT connection between holidays and living with intention. We so often get caught up in obligations, and finding the perfect gift, that time spent with each other and memory making take a back seat!

    Blessings Robin! Thank you for touching my heart again today!

  3. You know we made paninis for supper last night. Now I’m going to have to make candied nuts! What are you doing to me, woman?

    I printed the top part of the blog so I can remember your lesson. You are such a good writer, Robin.

  4. Yea You!!! What a beautiful thing for your children that you sit down and decide who you want to be for them rather than just getting through every day. You are so special.

    I always make it a point to have all of my Christmas shopping done before Advent starts. (Do you all have Advent or is that a Catholic thing? I’ve been discovering a lot of things are just Catholic and people have no clue what I’m talking about). Anyway, when I have all the “commotion” done before that I feel like I can be focused on what the season is all about rather than the busyness of it.

    It also helps that I’m financially limited, so my friends and I agreed a couple years ago that we don’t give gifts. I usually only get little things for my nieces and nephews and godchildren (10 n/n and 5 godchildren) so that’s already more than enough. Even my parents and I agreed no gifts this year… we don’t need anything and the stress of spending starts to take the fun out of it.

    You decorating with your daughter is going to mean more than any gift you give her this year… great mom moments, friend! 🙂

    And YES… it’s freaking cold in Iowa 😯 so I’m sending snuggles at you too. Wanna come visit? 😉

  5. I am going to intentionaly relax, enjoy, and listen.
    Kayla will be home for a month, I really plan on enjoying that time with her and Candace.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Gitz, Not many gifts on this end either! Just little loving reminders.
    Can you tell that I associate love and food?! I’m pretty sure I need some sort of therapy but especially this time of year, food = love really works 🙂

    And Gitz, I definately want to visit but I’m seriously going to need a bigger coat and maybe long unders!

    (I now have Iowa & Minnesota on my home screen so I can keep up with your temps. Don’t look up Atl though, ’cause I know you’ll only laugh when I say it’s cold!!!)

  7. Just watched the news and we’re looking at 8* tonight.

    I might need a s’more to deal with the injustice. 😉

  8. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. My son just turned two this week and I want him to grow up in a home full of wonderful memories – those which are made by being intentional about the time we spend together. What a great post – I’ve starred it on my google reader to always have handy. Thank you!

  9. […] One of the things I really want to make sure we do with our family is to make memories (read Robin’s post on this – SO great!). I want to get this right. In order for that to happen we have to be […]

  10. […] due to HELLP.  Will you please keep Steph, her baby girl, and the entire family in your prayers.? Click here for updates throughout the […]

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