Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 19, 2008

My love affair with Sock Monkey’s, Herbie the Dentist & All things Christmas~

Have I ever mentioned how very much I love sock monkeys? Once our Christmas Pa-Ja-Ja’s were sock monkey themed. (It’s a tradition, I must tell you about sometime! Not the sock monkey, the matching Pa-Ja-Ja’s!) I love the S. M.’s because when I was a small child my Aunts (Gail & Toni)made me a sock monkey doll. This was in the ’60’s and it was the real deal. I’ve had a mad love affair with Sock Monkey’s ever since~ Several live on my trees…Here’s my fav…what’s a good name for him/her?  dsc01378

Stephie & Emma came to help decorate…


Only 1 of them decorated the other just came for hot cider and panini’s!(Please note Herbie, The Dentist lives in our kitchen during the Holidays. He’s very important to the girls in the family…sometime I’ll tell you why!)


Stephie and I decorated the girly tree in the dinning room & set the table! The tree is not crooked, I must have leaned when I took the picture! The cider WAS NOT spiked, I promise!


When The Husband got home he and I did practice cooking for Thanksgiving. He makes the dressing & gravy, which is a BIG responsibility so he likes to brush up on his mad Dressing & Gravy skills before the big day…And I tried out this new recipe I found on pioneer woman’s site, it’s white corn and wild rice.  Both, the Dressing & Gravy and the Corn were yumalicious!


 So today…Wednesday, I’m puttin on the elf ears and heading to Stephie & JonJon’s to do a little decorating! Then I get to go to the Dr. with Stephie and hear our (they let me say our even though it’s their’s) baby girl’s heartbeat! Now, I will say this…the ATL is in the deep-freeze and I love it! So stay warm and please just turn on the Christmas music for the love of Pete and all that’s Holy!!!

BBFN! (Bye-Bye for now!)




  1. You crack me up. I said out loud today ” I guess its time to pack up all the fall things.” Then I stopped myself because we have not even passed Thanksgiving. But NOW after your posts I might just do it! H

  2. The way you spelled “pa ja ja’s” is funny. I think it sounds more like “pa jah jah’s” hehe maybe “pa jay jay” would be better. Just an observation…
    lovely blog. I want to come back over and have a panini.

  3. Where to even begin with this feast for the eyes! If I were to close my eyes and envision”Southern Comfort,” well this portrayal would far exceed anything I could even begin to conjure up!

    LOVE the Herbie the dentist, can’t wait to hear about him! You are getting me beyond excited!!! “Practice cooking” for Thanksgiving, what a hoot you are!

  4. Is that milk gravy I see on the stove? If it’s not will you just pretend it is and tell me yes so I can live vicariously?

    Milk gravy is one of the best things about farm life growing up, I swear.

    And while I’ve never had a love affair with a sock monkey, Herbie the Dentist and I go way back. Love that dude.

  5. I knew Emma had to be the daughter when she analyzed your spelling of pa-ja-jay’s. Hi Emma! I am going to hold my comment on the p.j. nicknames. I’ll just say it involved the words ‘rhymes’, ‘Oprah’, and ‘eww’.

    We call them pee-jays, so I don’t have much room to talk.

    Have you posted a pic of you in the elf ears? 😉

  6. The whole world has gone mad! It is not December yet, I cannot decorate before Thanksgiving. I need Fall a little longer.

    The monkey name? I am not sure, Big Lips was all I could think of with that big red mouth. I know you are wanting something cutier. As you know, I am not good at naming things, at least things that can be repeated. 🙂

  7. I knew I wasn’t spelling Pa-jay-jay’s right! And Anita it does sound like that Oprah word!!!! Ekkkk!
    I so wish I had photo shop and I would be pictured in elf ears for the rest of the year!

    Gitz I don’t know if it’s the same kind of gravy. It’s milk, flour, broth,eggs,& turkey breast… you may be talking about that yummilicious milk gravy made with bacon or sausage drippings!?!?! And am I ever happy that someone else loves The Herbie!!!!

    Vicky, you know “practice cooking for Thanksgiving” is the BEST way to get to eat the good stuff twice in a week!!! 🙂

    Ruthie, I think Big Lips will do…big lips are very in vogue these days!

  8. I can’t wait to see the house and have some cider touch my big lips… who knew I had something in vogue? Even though I typically think people are CRAZY to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, I did love coming home to Christmas decor in the house. Thanks for spending the day with my wife… and your daughter.

  9. […] There were Christmas decorations all around. Stockings were hanging on the mantle. My wife and mother-in-law are obviously ready for the Christmas season and have decided to go all out by decorating before […]

  10. I do love Herbie, and sometimes, for no reason at all, I have the urge to tell people that Bumbles Bounce. 😯


    I am so in the mood for Christmas movies… might be having to put a few on the Blockbuster rental list.

    And the milk gravy I’m familiar with (although yours sounds fantastic) you use the drippings of whatever meat you made and add a flour/milk/oleo mixture. I think. I know my mom makes it really well 😀

    Quick question, though: how are you so freaking skinny when you eat meals like that? Not that I’m jealous or anything. 🙂

  11. Gitz that made me smile…Bumbles Bounce! Oh that’s nice!!!
    Bumbles Bounce~Bumbles Bounce~Bumbles Bounce…It’s even fun to type 🙂
    You must put Christmas movies on your Blockbuster list!

    And I usually don’t eat dinner, 3 or 4 times a week Mike and I just eat lunch and no dinner! You know, no one to cook for! 🙂

    And JonJon, you do have in vouge lips! My granddaughter is going to have a beautiful smile!!!

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