Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 18, 2008

This Elf’s on a role!


Calling all Senses...

I’m taking a break from Christmas movies to listen to some Holiday music while I’m decorating. Have you started the Christmas music yet? I got to this point on my play-list and noticed that the same song was playing over and over and over! I didn’t mind, it’s “River”, my favorite Christmas song. (I know, not very spiritual! ) I’ve downloaded it by every single artist on itunes. The song touches something deep inside me. I know, it’s a little dark, what can I say? (I also love Breath of Heaven, so I do know the real meaning of Christmas!)

Anyhoo, this got me thinking…our 5 senses are so important for putting us in the Holiday spirit. So I thought about my 5 senses like this: When I hear(see,touch,smell,taste) ___________, I get those Chrustmas joy butterflies!

Hearing~ Christmas music.

 Seeing~Christmas lights at night! Tiny white ones and big colorful ones like I had when I was little!

 Touch~A live Christmas tree…prickly and sticky with sap!

Smell~A live Christmas tree! (Sorry to say we have fake trees, tell ya why sometime! So a Yankee Candle that smells like one is good

too!) And anything yummy cooking~( I really don’t like candles that smell like food, if I come to your house and it smells like apple

pie and I can’t eat any because it’s a candle…well, I’m gonna insist we bake a pie immediately!)

Taste~Oh my, this is a biggie~warm from the oven cookies, Baby Sister’s Chocolate cake, spiced cider…and I’m sorry but it’s true…The

Husband’s Christmas Morning (Coke covered) Ham (or Pigs Butt as we call it around here!)

Please tell me about your favorite things to hear, see, touch, smell, and taste around Christmas time!?

 P.S. If you’ve only heard Joni Mitchel’s version of River, check out Sister Hazel and Travis!(not Travis Tritt!) And Herbie Hancock’s if

 you like a jazzy sound! But the BEST version is by Robert Downey Jr. (On the Ally McBeal Christmas Album). You can’t find it on

 itunes, but I found it on Amazon mp3

 Downloads. (It’s .99 and downloads right to your itunes library! Check it out. It’s great!)

 Product image

Here’s what my elfin self got done today! Not as much as I should have but The Husband was home sick. So I had to be elf and nurse, picture pointy ears green hat and a nurses uniform. Nevermind, that’s scary. (And The Husband would say I didn’t have pointy ears, I had horns…)






  1. I am so in the Christmas spirit now!! I am going to get some decorating done this weekend when I get back to Brussels!

    Maxie is doing great, thanks for asking! I miss her so much! Being away from her for as long as I have these past few weeks is about to kill me! I cannot wait to get home to that dog on Friday! She is moving back to Memphis in December and staying with my parents while I am wrapping up my remaining couple of months over here. That is going to seriously KILL me…that is going to be TOO long without her…but I know it will be the best thing for her while I am packing up. Sigh….

    My parents, on the other hand, cannot wait to have her back home!!!!!

  2. Robin, your spirit is so contagious! You have such a “light” shining through. I am truly excited to watch this whole getting ready for Christmas process slowly be revealed. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not usually ready for the Christmas spirit until it is nudged by snow on the ground. But this year, I may cave early, what with all of this “Cheer” you are spreading!

    Blessings and Happy Decorating!

  3. Ooooohhhh… lights… Pretty Christmas lights…

    It’s like I’m in a trance every time I stop by your blog. You are going to be so disappointed when you see my little “corner” I decorate for Christmas. But lights are involved, so all is well. 🙂

    I’m racking my brain trying to figure out what song “River” is… I’m sure I’ll know it when I hear it, but right now I don’t have a clue.

    I sang Breath of Heaven every year on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and it was always one of my favorites to perform. I’m so going to start the Christmas music now. 🙂

  4. I love the way you think, and I LUV the tree in your library! I think I am going to make a sheet for school based on this blog. The kiddos will love it.

  5. hey, friend! one of my fave sights of Christmas is the puffy-faced wonder of my girls on Christmas morning. i also love to be in a room that is only lit by the Christmas tree lights. i love to be in a warm and decorated home filled with friends chatting and laughing and munching on yummy holiday snacks.

    thanks for moving me more toward the christmas spirit with this post!

  6. So Gitz, you and Anita can sing! Wow! I can lip-sync, does that count for anything?
    And Gitz, I WILL NOT be disappointed with your decorations! Tell your fam to bring extra tiny lights, tiny lights EVERYWHERE … that’s all you need. Isn’t it magic what a few lights can do?

    And Tippa’s going to be decorating when she gets back to Brussels….now that’s something I’ll never be able to say! So glad our world traveler Tippa says it for me!

    Vicky, do you know that I would never celebrate Christmas if I waited for the snow on the ground to nudge me!!!!! Oh, don’t forget to tell me when you see flakes!

    (So, does anyone really see this when I respond to comments? Just a novice, who doesn’t know what to do!!!)

  7. Yup, see it and love when people do it! Yes, many flakes but no accumulation, but will keep you updated. And you nudged me already… didn’t even wait for the snow and I’ve started!

  8. You can visit my site Iny time you wont!! I wrote something today check it out some time!!

    Candy~Cane 🙂

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