Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 14, 2008

To further my excitement to near hysteria…

I know many of you will not understand this. But I’m beginning my decorating next week. Yes, for

Christmas. Yes, I know it’s early. But, for this first time since Mom left, I feel tickled. Giggles that you can’t

stop, tickled. Deep down belly laughing, giddy excitement, tickled! You get the picture.


Here’s the thing… The year after Mom left, (remember, I hate the word died. She’s

 not dead, she just doesn’t live on this planet.)I waited until the last minute and only did minimal

decorating around my house. The season was heavy and quiet and there were so many tears. Sad tears.


Last year, I started early. I decorated the house by myself remembering Mom as I unpacked the snowmen

she’d given me or hung a handpainted ornament on the tree. That week was an important step in my

 journey of grief. 

Well, now we’re coming up on almost 3 years since I’ve seen my sweet mom, and I miss her every single

 day. Some days with tears but most days with very tender, sacred memories. And this year, I have to tell

 you what’s happened!

Low and behold, Someone has brought me good tidings of great Joy!

I’m a little a lot excited about Christmas!  


Ya know what it is? It’s those joy butterflies  all decked out in their Seasonal finery! I really thought those

fluttering little creatures were gone for good, at least during the Christmas season. But guys, I’m just gonna

 go with it…don’t cha think? 

Now, to further my excitement to near hysteria, The Husband’s takin me to Stone Mountain this weekend.

(Remember, they claim to have a zillion and one lights, and I have lost 6 months of my life  “Price-Lining

that darn hotel!

So, when I get back…Katie bar the door-

I’ll be a twinkle-light totin, stocking hangin, decorating maniac!

(I’m writing really Southern today, with all the totin and hangin..sorry)

Now, don’t go rollin (oops!) your eyes at me! I promise that you’ll get one of two things if you keep

checkin checking in next week…EITHER: you’ll get an idea or two you can use OR: you’ll feel so much

better about yourself because you’re not like me!!! Either one is good right?

(And if you’re feelin helpful you can give me ideas to keep my house from looking like Clark W.


Love~love~love… Christmas is coming! Can I get a witness?!?!?

When do you start decorating? Please play nice here, don’t make fun of me too much!!!



  1. Love it…have a great weekend! It has taken me 5 years and each year is a little better. 2006, the three of us tried going away for Christmas and I only decorated the outside. It was not a good idea, we went to Disney for a week and we were all so sad, too many memories there w/Brad. (as you can tell, we went alot, the boy’s loved it). Memories of when they were younger and then the memories of the year w/Brad in a wheel chair, bald, eating his was through the park…it was so funny, he was of course on prednisone and wanted to eat everything..You can see a bold man in a wheelchair eating a turkey leg….he didn’t care, he had a great time.

    Yes, I will start in the next two weeks also..It makes it so much easier, I’ll start w/the kitchen tree and the christmas dishes, tables in the dining room and kitchen. I hold off on the outside till Thanksgiving weekend and then do my house and the sub. entrance. Then the next week will be working on the big 12 ft. tree that takes 2 days. Happy decorating and hope you have a very romantic weekend.

  2. Have fun this weekend!
    I like to decorate Thanksgiving weekend. My family will be here so I am not sure if that will work out. I want to do it while Kayla is home so we are going to plan it around her.
    I am glad you have the butterflies in your tummy again. Nuttin’s better. Love love

  3. Both your butterflies and your joy are contagious. Especially as I sit here watchin little snow flakes flutter down from the sky, although they disappear the second they hit the ground : ) Have a wonderful time this weekend! I’ll think of you as I go spend the weekend at the hockey rink shivering and freezing through the SIX games we have!

    I’ve already started getting the question today. How many days until Christmas? I’ll hold off on the decorating until the weekend after Thanksgiving or else the boys will never make it until Christmas! I’ll be excited to see what treasures you bring back to share with us!

  4. Have loads of fun decorating! and by the way, I disagree with the Clark W. Griswold comment.. that house was a true masterpiece, a work of art. it only showed his true dedication to the season and, moreover, being a man with the “mine is bigger and better than yours” mentality! A great season awaits us all. Truly the best time of the year!

  5. I understand the not wanting to decorate because momma is go longer here. I went through that for a couple of years, but then the babies started coming and I had to decorate for them and then the older I got, the more I remembered great memories of her and I too get excited about decorating. My husband laughs at me because I seem to decorate earlier every year. This year the day after Halloween he laughingly asked me if I was going to decorate that week. HA HA! No I didn’t but I will decorate next week. Thanks for sharing your joy! It makes me feel all Christmasy inside!

  6. Robin I am so happy that you are feeling giddy about Christmas! I am looking forward to your posts. I love your holiday ideas!

    I start decorating on Thanksgiving weekend. Emily has already asked to put the tree up. I have a feeling we’re going to have an extra special season with the little ones.

  7. Oh, so much fun!!! I’m going to so live vicariously through you this Christmas season so post LOTS OF PICTURES!!! I keep it simple because everything in my world needs to be simple now, but I love the season and the music and watching Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” over and over until the dog starts whining because he’s sick to death of me pretending to be Rosemary Clooney and singing, “Love… You Didn’t Do Right By Me…”


  8. I’m excited to see what your house is going to look like this year! Christmas is so exciting… and I join in welcoming back the butterflies. See you soon!

  9. haha mom your so funny. I cant wait to see the house when it’s all done! I must say im very happy to be home with the farm again. I have totally relaxed today! It is so good to be home. I hope you and Daddy are having a blast. And i hate to break this to you….but the whole “Clark W. Griswold” ship has SAILED!

    p.s. Im assuming since you did not leave cash i can use your card for dinner? 🙂 hehe THANKS!

  10. Should I call you Clark as in Griswold? Is that a picture of your house on the blog? If so, you can come up north and I have one here you can decorate. Hey, maybe you can market yourself as a professional Christmas house decorator. It has been 4 1/2 years since my mom went to be with Jesus. I miss her but know she is enjoying it where she is. We don’t decorate much but do start the day after T-day.

  11. Do you really want me to bar the door? I can.

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