Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 13, 2008

It’s Craft Day~go ahead, roll your eyes!


Craft Day

Oh so easy Platters!

Using one of my FAVORITE things…Decoupage!!!!



This is a really easy!


I’m doing this today just in case you may be able to use it for Thanksgiving! The platter is great for: Cookies, brownies,

bread bowl w/ dip, sausage balls…things like that, because, you  can’t immerse these in water when you clean them. Just a bit of soap and

 water on the top, keeping the underneath as dry as possible!

You’ll need this.



the clear platters come in small plate sizes that are good for gift giving,just add cookies and make someone happy! The

 tissue paper (not regular paper!)is fun to shop for! If you have a paper store near you( Like Papyrus) they usually have

 some beautiful tissue paper to choose from, but the red gingham, I found at a Hallmark Store! (It only takes 1 sheet to do

 a big platter!)

It would be cute to do a set of little dessrt plates along with the platter for a party!  My sister got 

tissue paper with snow men and Santa’s for her kids to do one of their own. We first did this craft on Thanksgiving Day 10

years ago. Since then I’ve done it at a Bible Study get together and a girls craft day. The only drawback is the time it takes

to dry between the 2 coats of Mod Podge! Did I tell you how much I love Mod Podge!!!

Start by coating the BACK of the platter with Mod Podge! dsc00966

Now, carefully lay the tissue over the MP! (Mod Podge!)dsc00967

Spread a thin-ish coat of MP over the tissue. Use a light touch!



Carefully trim to about 1/2 inch around plate~


Easy does it as you gently press down edges and rub out any wrinkles that bother you! Now let dry

 for about 10-15 minutes!


Wait untill the plate is almost dry. When the edges won’t tear,use an exacto Knife to trim right next to the

plate~ If it tears a little, no worries, just put some more MP on the tear!



Okay! One more thincoat of MP and once more gently smooth the edges and wrinkles!


Now you must be patient and let it completely dry!

While you wait I want to show you why I love the Mod Podge! These picutes are from a well loved picture

 book from my childhood. My mom saved the pages and gave them to me. I had so many sweet memories

 of this book I had to do something with the pictures! So I cut them out and decoupaged them onto a box

 or two~ Do you love that word as much as I do?… Decoupage~Decoupage~Decoupage…(It’s a word you

 either love or hate, like moist or sandwich…nevermind)

Cute huh!



 When your platter is dry, you can take a marker (permanate or paint-pen) and outline the edge

 of the plate. They look great without it! (The pen tends to wear off anyway!)


Bella, waiting in front of the oven for the cookies to be done! BBFN! (bye-bye for now!)    





  1. How did you just cause me to love a word I used to hate?? A word I feared.

    Kind of like moist sandwich. Decoupage. And Mod Podge. What an 80’s kind of word is Mod Podge! It makes my stomach lurch with fear of crafty people.

    But you are different. You make it all look so easy.

    Love your nail polish.


  2. WOW! What a good idea. I think I may use this idea and let Braxton help me with a plate for his teacher’s christmas gift! Who doesn’t like home made baked goods and of course something that their student made them? Thanks for the great idea!

  3. There is a lady in our church who does the same thing with napkins. Here you can buy the napkins individually. Surely there is a place in the states that does that! She also cuts the designs from the napkins(and you don’t have to be exact) and decoupages them onto just about everything,.

    Happy crafting!

  4. Mod Podge! Definitely a flashback, but really a classic. I would never have remembered to even try something like this… Robin its perfect!!!! Ohhhhh, my craft list is growing. I do not have a craft store close by so it has to be a special trip.

    Two questions. Can you find the plates at the craft store and any specifications for the plates themselves? And really, how long does it take to dry? Hours? Overnight? I have never done this but I am a willing student!

    A craft day… in the new kitchen, when should I come and who should I bring?

    Love the boxes with the picture book pages… so sweet!

    Blessings Robin! Not one eye-roll I promise!

  5. ME, Vicky!!! *waving arms excitedly like a second-grade student with the right answer* Me! Bring Me to the kitchen of craftiness!!! 🙂

    You are so dang cute, Miss Robin. I was watching Martha Stewart one day and Rosie O’Donnell was on doing a decoupage project. She always used Modge Podge and then she tried Martha Stewart’s decoupage stuff and said she liked it better… it was smoother and had less bubbles to get out. I don’t know because I’ve never ordered it… but since you’re the Queen of Decoupage (I just gave you that title… go forth and reign with kindness and patience) I thought you might like to try it.

    Just a side note: I’m fine with the word moist. And sandwich. But in the same sentence? Moist sandwich makes me gag a little.

  6. I have modge podded with Rob. She is really good at it. She makes those boxes look easy, but they are not for us not so crafty people. They do look amazing in person. The plates were fun and easy for even someone like me!

    I think this is the craft I am going to do with the ten women in our family this Thanksgiving. I want to start a new tradition with our families. We need a little pep put in our celebration!

  7. Vicky~I got my plates at a place called Old Time Pottery, but I was in Publix yesterday and noticed they have them. (about 2 dollars)

    And to completely dry after 2 coats, probably a few hours, but you could take them with you, if you did them somewhere else in about 1-1 1/2 hours.
    Just don’t set them paper side down until they are totally dry.

    Gitz~I think it would be a good idea to try Martha’s version of mod podge! I’m only hoping it has a fun name like MP!
    And I hear by accept the title Queen of MP, I mean who could really turn down being Queen of anything?

  8. Robin I was so excited to see that bottle of Mod Podge because I JUST bought some last night at Wal-Mart! The very crafty Princess of Mod Podge, Amy V., has promised a collage art class. I am so excited. I told her she’ll have to force me to create because if she lets me I’ll spend all day deciding what to make. Just ask Gitz.

    I am so excited to see this. We had a friend who would make these with baby photos and give them as gifts. I love the idea of taking something from childhood and doing it. I was hoping to do something like that with my girls.

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