Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 12, 2008

We have a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have a GIRL!!!! I’m going to have a granddaughter!!!!!! Oh, dear Lord, I’m so excited I may explode!

JonJon & Stephie saw our baby today and she was cooperative in letting them see she was a SHE!!!! (Stephie says she has JonJon’s lips,

this is a GOOD thing!)

I just wanted to let you know!!!!

Call me Gigi!



  1. Aww… Gigi!!!! I had no idea that was a term for Grandma but it’s what I’m calling you from here on out. 😉

    That baby is going to be SPOILED. In a really good way!

    SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! (oh, and you too, Mike. what do they call Grandpa in the South?)

  2. Aww, congratulations! That picture is adorable by the way… :]

  3. OMG! Such a special time for you all! That is the cutest little announcement card I’ve ever seen. I too am so happy for you!

  4. WOOOHOOOO!! Gigi it is! love you, thanks for calling me and telling me.

    Your going to have to knit her something or sew. You are great at both!

  5. THat was me, RUthie, Candy was on her blog: iamcandy and I did not realize it!

    Are those Mide and your toes?

  6. Congrats! Really I can not wait for this day to happen to me. So much fun! H

  7. Whoo hooo! Congratulations – what fun!

  8. And you can call me Auntie Em! 🙂 FINALLY!

  9. GiGi! A sweet little baby girl! I am so excited for you. You get to buy pink and ruffles and soft little loveys. Oh, what fun! Congratulations to Stephanie and Jon. That announcement is too cute.

  10. How incredibly exciting, GiGi!!!!!!!! She is going to be rotten!

  11. Gi Gi, I think I should be considered sort of like an aunt.



  12. Good to hear from you Robin! And congratulations!! I’m so happy for Steph and Jon! Exciting!!!

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