Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 10, 2008

Ode to The Husband


Happy Monday!

The weekend has been one for the record books! Mike has been working non-stop on the kitchen project.

 It’s so close to being done, but there was a glitch and for those of you who know me, you’ll not be


that it was my fault! Remember, I had the appliances delivered on Sunday, not really knowing where Mike

 would be in this process. Turns out, not the best idea! Who knew?

Let’s say the installation of the appliances, namely the dishwasher, stopped the Husband dead in his

 tracks for … well a long time. He was cursing the Germans for making the “connections” the way they did. I

took it on myself to inform him that it was in fact the Koreans who make LG products. Turns out, he does not care.

Anita and Gitz will be happy to know that I dug out my pom-poms and stood in the kitchen shouting his

praise and doing hurkeys all the while he was on the floor struggling with the (D_ _ _ )Dishwasher.(We

 give everything pet names around here, I’m sorry to say this is most likely what the dishwasher will be

 called hence forth and forever more)

Anyhoo, in my enthusiastic cheer, I reminded him of all the great projects he’s done at Tasmanian Devil speed…

Will you indulge me for just a moment?

(The following ideas were mine, they came to me during “the witching hour”.  This is the hour of the

day when I have just the right amount of caffine pumping through my veins and I get these

 amazing ideas for The Husband to do! )

He put up this paneling in our bathroom, the

guestroom and guest bathroom. I saw it in a really old house and loved the look! 

 dsc01038 dsc010241dsc01022

He built me this wall of bookshelves! I collect old books!Also did the hardwood floors in the entire



He built a mantle around the fireplace in the bedroom!(I know there are only 5 days, living here in the deep

 South, that one really needs a fireplace, but I turn the air-conditioner on and pretend!)


He refinished the kitchen cabinets! They were oak before. (Notice, shinny new microwave!!! I’m happy to

report that the Koreans did a stellar job with the installation process on the micro.)


Okay, now this is fun. One Saturday morning, during the “witching hour”, I said this:

“Hey why dont we take down the wall between the den and the office so it’s more open?” I then

left for the grocery store. When I got home I found The Husband, sledge hammer in hand, tearing down

the wall between the den and the office! Turns out he loves demolition!


The weekend after our oldest daughter Bethany moved out…wham, bam…the wall between our bedroom

and Bethany’s bedroom was down.  We wanted a little sitting room ! 


I could go on, but I’ll end with this:

Gimme a M-I-K-E!!!!!

(Pics from the finished kitchen project coming soon!!)

Happy Monday!








  1. I cannot tell you how hard I laughed as I read this. OH my gosh Robin you are killing me. I will be back to read again. TOO fun.

  2. S.H.U.T.U.P.

    This letter is to Mike:

    Hi, you don’t know me, but my name is Gitz. Otherwise known as Sara, but Gitz to my close friends. You can call me Gitz. So, I live in this small little condo in Iowa. Ever heard of Iowa? It’s not that far, really.

    I have so many ideas, but really no money or manpower. Or man in general. So, what I’m thinking is that if you could bring Robin, some money and materials… you could do wonders with my condo.

    And Robin and I would cheer for you … I would train her not to sigh or complain or micromanage. It would be all s’mores all the time. And smiles. And ataboys all the way.

    Just think about it. I don’t need an answer right away but between Robin’s ideas and your handiwork… I’m thinking my house could be cooler than I can imagine.

    Ataboy, Mike!


  3. Gitz that is AWESOME!!!! What I haven’t told you about Mike : He loves to rescue! If he thinks you need something done in the condo…he’ll pack me and a pup or two and some power tools and head your way!!!
    Oh he’s gonna love this! I’ve no doubt, he’ll write you back 🙂
    Oh and he does in fact know you and calls you Gitz already.
    (He’s very familiar with both you and Anita, he thought you were my imaginary friends for a while!)
    But he thinks you live in Indiana because that’s what I’ve been telling him!!! So glad you corrected me about where you are!

  4. Mom you have to post more pics of the current project! im dying to see it!!!

  5. Emma, I’m holding out in hopes you’ll stop by! You know how manipulative I can be 🙂

  6. i think you have the spiritual gift of encouragement! pompoms, really?! that had to make him smile…

    if he ever wanted to quit his day job, i bet he could have many jobs that husbands would gladly pay him to do…they might even cheer for him too!

    since i now know you’re a reader, what are you reading, and what do you collect?

  7. Since technically Mike is supposed to be coming to my house first you may be really excited to know Robin, that Iowa isn’t far from Minnesota at all! You could do both! Plus, we have SNOW! Ohhh, how the pups would love snow!

    Okay, I am losing it over the Indiana comment! We’ll be sure to lend you a GPS before you leave!

    Can’t wait to see the kitchen! Based on all the other handywork I’ve seen, its gonna be amazing.

  8. Oh I love this!!!I think Mike and I may do a road trip we could start in Tenn and visit Anita then go to Minnesota or Indiana or Iowa ~ which ever comes first, and make the rounds. I’m googling a map of the US right now!
    Oh and Mike will so appreciate Vicky, that after only knowing me for a little while, you already know that I can hardly go anywhere without my GPS. ( I call her Money Penny, ’cause she’s a forceful woman!)

  9. Oh Mom – what you failed to mention was that dad to a sledge hammer to the wall AND ripped up the carpet 2 days before 10 friends came to the house to take pictures for our Senior Prom…..Do you remember me freaking out?!?! Oh to be 17 again and have nothing more to worry about than prom!

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