Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 9, 2008

Whittaker Woman Blog Party


Blog Party!

Last night was the Whittaker Woman Blog Party!

My bud  Ruthie’s  and adopted niece Kayla ( told me about it.

Bloggers from all over, (South Carolina, Florida, California, Indiana to name a few places)showed up to meet each other up close and personal!

Despite my mildly agoraphobic disposition I ventured out of the safety of my house, (which was actually not so safe this weekend with The Husband working on the kitchen) and had a fun dinner with over 40 other bloggers!  I wanted to share a few pictures!

Let’s start with this one…This is Ruthie giving me insturctions…you may think I just caught her off guard. Oh no! The woman is always bossing me~ Oh how I love a bossy woman!




 Here we are with our new friend Cookie 

She came with her blogging buds all the way from South Carolina!




(Note my extra chins, or saggy jowl…THIS is what I was yammering about every time someone took a picture! Ruthie, on the other hand, has the neck of a goddess)




I had a couple more pictures to post but I’ve been given a job to do…I’m off to Floor & décor to fetch The Husband more grout or something important like that. This kitchen project is almost done! (I did give him a heavy sigh but stopped short of complaining since Gitz & Anita seem to think I need to be more encouraging.)

All right, already!

(ps.I understand that I do not know how to post links. It’s embarassing and a little humiliating.)







  1. What a fun idea!!!!!!!! I love it!

  2. A blog party, now wouldn’t that be a blast! Oh, Robin, thank goodness, someone else who admits they are baffled by the link… I too am tech-challenged! Although, I may not get a granite countertop or beautiful tile backsplash any time soon… I may get a link tutorial one day! Hey, we could trade! I’ll gladly send my hubby down for a link tutorial for you if you wanted to send Mike my way… wink, wink!

  3. It was so much fun! Vicki~ it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m upstairs still!!! The poor man is finishing up! I’ll give him a few days until I break it to him that I’m trading him out 🙂

  4. had a great time meeting you! any news on a grand niece for you? the time was too short, but sweet last night…hope we’ll do it again…you and ruth need to come up to cumming and let me teach you how to make cards sometime! i have a class this saturday and the 30th in the afternoon…have a great week!

  5. The snow amounted to less than an inch maybe… but the “blizzard of the century” ended up going just south and west of us where they got more than 3 feet in some places and reported 6 foot drifts in some areas (straight from my newspaper) The wind blew at 60 mph and shut down the highway and many schools for days… and that is saying something for our area!

    BTW… Rick just helped me with my very first link… I used it in a post I just finished. And I’ve left you comments on your previous posts so you know how much I appreciated your special craft post!!! I’ll be waiting for the big reveal!

  6. I am going to kill you!

  7. Neck of a goddess, which is not true, was good but will not make up for that HORRIBLE BOSSY LOOKING picture of me. I do not remember that moment!

    Candace is getting a great laugh!

  8. You crack me up miss robin with that pichure of my mom! come visit my site today, Ok.

    CANDY! 🙂

  9. Glad you had fun!! I don’t think you have saggy jowls… Trust me, I’ve seen saggy jowls and those are not them.

  10. So, so, so fun to meet you and Ruthie and Kayla!!! Can’t wait to keep in touch through the blogosphere. I really was not at all ready for the party to be done! Take care and keep Ruthie straight 🙂

  11. Ruthie… I think you’re adorable but I’d kill her too if she put a bossy photo of me up 🙂

    And Miss Robin… am I seriously going to have to come all the way to ATL to kick your derriere? You are lovely… your neck is lovely… be kind to yourself! 🙂 And then make a s’more. And eat an extra one for me… in your fancy new kitchen!

  12. Robin, the party looks like so much fun. What are you talking about? You look mahvelous! I am going to have to check out the blogs of your new found friends. What did you guys do at the party? Give us a rundown of events. I wanna hear about it.

    Gitz, I lost ten dollars because you didn’t put a link lesson in here. Not that I gamble or anything. Luckily, I said it to myself: “Ten dollars says Gitz put a link lesson in the comments.” So I won ten dollars, too. Easy bet.

  13. It was nice to meet you at the party, but was sad it was so short and did not get a chance to talk with you much. You gals look like so much fun and I did hear all about you from Cookie.

  14. Anita~ The blog party was so much fun! We talked and talked, like all of us are so very good at doing! Only in person! And of course we ate, which is always a good thing! They also drew names for prizes and I won 2 Chick fil A sandwiches AND….
    2 Peppermint Chocolate Milkshakes!!!!
    (Which Ruthie, the trainer, promptly told me had 1100 calories each!!!!!)
    Oh well!
    And it really was too short. Love the way you bet…with yourself…that sounds pretty safe 🙂

  15. @Anita: you really kind of can win $5 because my intention was to put a link lesson in until I remembered she is on wordpress and I am on blogspot… and I have no idea if they would operate the same way… 😯

    So you DO know my intentions… I just didn’t know how to provide the follow through 😉

  16. Robin.
    It was great to meet you.
    On our way, I have you know, it snowed.
    Not accumulation, but there was snow.
    Allison and I thought of you.

  17. giggle Had so much fun at the party, only wish we had more time to visit. I hope we can do it again and you and Ruthie are such a fun pair. Love it!

  18. You are so cute! I loved that you came! It was so fun to meet! I hope to get together sometime and really chat, it would be great. I need could use all your wisdom… Including the chin knowledge! 🙂 H

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