Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 7, 2008

~The years I spent picnicking on a railroad bridge~

 This morning I’ve been thinking about seasons. Autumn is my favorite season, but just around the corner, comes Winter. I know it may seem a bit crazy, but I don’t live in dread of Winters any more. Not the seasonal Winters or the Spiritual ones…

It wasn’t always this way with me. There was a time I lived in dread of what might come. At some point in my twenty’s I put words to this joy-killing way of life. See if you can relate…

Picture this, you’re having a picnic. There’s this soft warm colored quilt spread out underneath you. On the quilt a big wicker basket full of your favorite Autumn foods. Next to the basket there are huge mugs of steaming spiced cider. The sky is a brilliant clear blue. It’s chilly, but you’re wrapped up in a fuzzy scarf. Ahhhh, you’re enjoying this right?



 What I didn’t tell you, is that the quilt is spread out on a railroad bridge!

There you are suspended thirty feet in the air, knowing that at any moment a train may come. There’s no place to go. Nowhere to run. You either jump to your fate or sit still and let the train crush you…

 How could you ever relax?

My twenty’s and thirty’s brought one train-wreck after another. And honestly, I consistently had a hard time enjoying the good in life.

But not anymore. Now, I’m learning to live every season to the fullest.  After all, even raw biting Winter’s have their own unique beauty and purpose.

That’s what I was thinking this morning…






  1. beautiful thoughts. looking forward to the blog party

  2. that was the perfect thing for me to read today. thanks!

  3. What a wonderful metaphor! I am so right there with you and I am working so hard to change my “way of being ” in this world! Had you not written this I would never have even guessed this about you! You are doing some really big work I see! Blessings to you Robin as we travel on this journey of changing seasons!

  4. I love this! Such a great word picture, and something i am working on. I too used to dread winter and I am slowly learning to anticipate the quiet, the still, the huddling as a season to enjoy and pray for the growth that comes in the spring. I love how you write. You are beautiful inside and out and I am so glad for this blog, to get to learn from you:)

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