Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 7, 2008

If I go missing talk to the husband…

 So it’s Friday evening and my husband Mike is putting in granite tile counter tops! Great huh? Awww shucks, it was my idea but he’ll get all the credit. It was also my idea for him to replace the back splash which he’s going to do on Sunday. If you’ve been reading my stuff you may remember that we’ve gotten a pay-cut recently. When I say “we” I mean Mike of course since I don’t make even one dime. We had some big plans for remodeling before the pay cut and we’ve revised them a little. When I say “we” this time I mean “me”. Mike thought about having a granite slab put in. But then I discovered Floor & Decor! Have you been there? You walk in this HUGE home improvement place and the possibilities are endless.             

So many projects for Mike to do… I went nuts! So last night we, (this time, “we” means Mike) pulled out all the old appliances and ripped up the old counter tops and chipped away the old back splash! Just like that we (Mike) was hard at work on a big project. I can’t tell you how giddy I’ve been all day. I’ve been skipping downstairs to snap pictures and say something encouraging every few hours.

This was me encouraging Mike and snapping his picture! This one was taken at 5:30 in the morning before coffee~


I love a man with power tools!


~Do you like my choice of colors? Don’t tell me if you don’t, I’m pretty delicate, I’m just sayin.


 Later, I ran over to Sears to set up delivery of our new stove, microwave, and dishwasher. I thought I’d ‘cut off my feet and go straight up’ when Roger, my friendly appliance sales person, told me they could deliver them on Sunday! SUNDAY!!! Day after tomorrow! (ps…my Gramma used to say that “cut off my feet and go straight up”, when she was really excited! What does it meeeeaaan anyhoo?)

Coming home from my outing I stopped at Moe’s and picked up our favorite chicken nachos. Mike would be so grateful!

When I waltzed in, nacho’s in hand and announced that he’d need to finish up by Sunday afternoon so the appliances could be installed I did not get the reaction I expected. As a matter of fact, I thought his eyes might explode right out of his head! Dear Lord, if looks could kill…


I felt it was wise for me to tip-toe upstairs and hide out for awhile. Two hours went by. I couldn’t stand it! I just had to check out his progress. In my mind, I pictured the counter tops almost done. And I needed to make my afternoon S’mores .(thank you very much Gitz!)

Now…Mike wasn’t as far along as I thought. That’s okay. I ran my hand across the smooth granite…”Ummmm, could I make a suggestion? Or two?”

He looked up and glared. That’s all just glared. So, I made my suggestions. Then I thought of another one. And while my S’mores were melting in the microwave, I found a few other minor suggestions I felt the need to address…

I’m back upstairs.

Seems my help isn’t appreciated. And, I won’t go into any more detail friends. But I just want it in writing…

  if I go missing, talk to the husband.



  1. I love this. I am working on building bookshelves right now so please tell Mike I feel his pain. And don’t you dare come over and give “suggestions.”

  2. Kate~ I promise I won’t say a word! Mike built bookshelves once! They are wonderful…I don’t think I had even one suggestion on that project!! 🙂
    Oh please, I’d love to see pictures when you’re done~

  3. Robin,

    Do you rent him out? I have some projects here that need done and I am mechanically challenged. 🙂

  4. Ha, ha, ha, this post was great! My hubby HATES when I tell him that I have an idea. Of course I really should say, “I have an idea that I want you to put into action.”

  5. Oh my gosh, woman… you’re lucky you’re alive!!!

    But I’m LOVING the counter top. And your particular version of the word “we.” And I’m intensely interested in the back splash… got any photos of that?

    Did I mention I’m out of graham crackers now and my grocery person doesn’t come until Wednesday? I’ve started eating marshmallows plain and it is just going to have to do…


  6. Robin I don’t know what “cut off my feet and go straight up” means, but I do know that if you Google that phrase in quotations, your blog is the one and only result. It sounds like she was either 1) Fully satisfied with life and could now leave for Heaven or 2) Felt like she could fly–and fly forever, thus the cutting off of the feet.

    And if you go missing I’m bringing a redneck posse down there to find you. Maybe you should try to look busy since he’s working so hard. Microwaving Smores and making suggestions with a yummy treat in your hand might not be the best idea. If he wasn’t in the kitchen, you could throw some flour and water on your face and walk through the house wiping your forehead with your arm while huffing, and dragging your feet. But that won’t work. I’m thinking he’s too smart for that one.

  7. I was reading this just now (Saturday morning) and called Ricky upstairs. We just had granite counter tops installed. “Look, you could have done this. Mike did it. Did you know you could have done it?”

    He just grinned. Maybe a little grateful he didn’t have to do this one project. He went back to the basement to finish the ceiling tile that goes down the steps.

    Thanks for the post, Rob. It reminded me of how nice it is to have a man who’s good with his hands.

    Love you,

  8. Well if I get to your house tonight and there are countertops and no Robin I will know why. Boy, you were very brave to give a “few” suggestions. At least you have a man who really really is handy and can do a great job. I suggest you STAY UP STAIRS or get out of the house. Love you! THey are looking great!!!

  9. “Cut off my feet and go straight up?” I am guessing an “angel” theme…. hmmm would be interesting to know! If it doesn’t translate on google I have to admit I am stumped!

    I love remodel projects although the last time we tiled all the floors in our house we promptly had to put the house on the market and move! I am excited to see the finished results! And for the record I think your granite selection looks fabulous!

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