Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 6, 2008

Advent Garland!


Memory Making Day


I thought of this easy little project that you may want to do with your kids this Thanksgiving or whenever! Advent calendars are fun for building up excitement during the holidays~ This isn’t a calendar, more like an Advent Garland or Advent Clothes-line! This uses some of the same supplies as the Advent Three Little Kittens Mittens!dsc00926


~Here’s what you’ll need. All this can be found at Michael’s and Walmart~

dsc008981    dsc00935

The little foam cutouts are stickers! They come in different shapes like snowmen or Christmas ornaments. There are 72 in a package so if you did countdown to Christmas Eve (as opposed to Christmas Day) you could get 3 Countdown Clothes-Lines with only 1 package!(They’re just a few bucks a package!)


 Paint the front of the clothes pins! I tried painting the whole thing and it wasn’t worth it!



~Put a dot of Elmer’s Glue on each clothes pin~



~Peel the backing off of your shape~



~And plop it right on top of the glue dot~




~Take the twine and cut about 9 feet (you’ll have lots left over!). Wrap regular old Scotch tape several times around one end of the twine,(shoot, I forgot to tell you to get some scotch tape, you have some right? ) then cut the tape covered twine in an angle, this is kinda like having a needle! You’ll need it to thread the clothes pins~

Now…thread those suckers! I carefully laid mine out so I wouldn’t put 2 of the same color snow flakes next to each other…I’m a little OCD!


 ~Make a knot about a half inch (or less)from every clothes pin you thread. Older kids can do this all by themselves! Then take a fine line permanant marker (not extra fine line mind you…and, shoot, I forgot to tell you to get a Sharpie! you have one don’t you?)and number the clothes-pins~Starting on the left at 25 and going backwards! You’ll be counting down Christmas! dsc00922    


 ~Now, pin on some candy! One candy a day! If your little boys are anything like mine was, you may want to sneak into their rooms in the morning before they wake up and clip on that days treat, then they won’t devour them all at once!    

 This candy may or may not have been left-over from Halloween.  And I may or may not have snacked on some while making this! (Note the empty clothes-pins … )


 I will not tell you 2 things about this girly Guest Room!

 #1~What my 3 girls call this room: (The V_ _ _ _ _ a Room! Remember, they are adults and at this stage I can not do a thing with them!)

#2~What my girls tell their brother that he’ll loose if he sleeps in this room: (rhymes with guts…)

 Can’t put my Advent Clothes-Line here, Ollie can get to it!~


 So I decided to put it on my mantle and make it a count down to Thanksgiving Close-Line!

But that was 2 hours ago and now according to my advent clothes-line, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I’ve eaten all but 1 of the Life-Savers.



p.s.Ollie unrolled my lovely ball of yarn while I was busy crafting…he loves craft time!

Just a thought on something fun to do!



  1. That is so freaking cute. Only mine would have Snickers bars on them. 🙂 And Ollie is such a good dog… Riley would have had them pulled down and in the other room before I could grab my camera!!!

    And… either I’m thinking way off or you have one extra space in the first word hint. Either that or this headache has me more off than I originally thought… either one is possible.


  2. I love your ideas! I think we will do our own little version of this. I will put it up on my blog if I actually follow through.

  3. very fun! I think you are making your gifts more known, and showing what you LOVE doing! You could have a career in that for sure!

  4. You are so crafty! I love it!!

  5. Robin, its perfect! It is exactly the kind of thing I think we could accomplish. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to see it until now! The kids could so easily paint the clothespins with me and then decide what goody they want. Plus they can each make their own! Oh its a GREAT idea and so cute! Oh you are a crafty ROCK STAR! Thank you so much, I look forward to sharing our results! Although I will warn you, my boys are not obsessed with perfection and uniformity. They “will go to the mat” if they decide they’d rather do, oh say, BATMAN stickers instead of snowflakes!!!!

  6. Robin, that is such a super cute idea! We may have to incorporate that into one of our family nights! Except we may not do candy every day….hmm my kids are already pretty over the top. Any ideas? I love it! You are amazing;)

  7. How much fun!! I think I want to do the kids craft this year!!

  8. […] An Advent “clothesline” (you could put something other than candy in each clothespin — a verse or an Advent activity idea, etc. Note there is some offensive language in this blog entry, but the idea is cute.) […]

  9. Oh I’m truly sorry to the above! (it’s a Angelican Church Homeschooling blog)
    I got a little smack on the nose when I read that some of my language was offensive. Please forgive me I wouldn’t offend on purpose for anything!

    And the idea of a verse or Advent activity is awesome!

  10. […] far this year I’ve seen Advent Calendars made out of: matchboxes clothesline & clothespins a hardware organizer with drawers The new entry today: a muffin tin! I never ever would have […]

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  12. […] love the mitten garland to decorate the room! You could also use these for Advent […]

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