Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 5, 2008

Get your fun meter in the red!


Today, I’m focusing on the family’s fun meter part of my Thanksgiving plans! I wanted to tell you a couple of things we’ve done that might put your fun meters in the red! (Or maybe not! I know my Ideas are a bit over the top and nerdy!)

 The year after we lost my little brother, (he’s not really lost, we know right where he is and we’ll see him again.) we didn’t want to do things “as usual”. My mom’s sister and brother came into town and brought a crew with them! All the women cooked dinner together at my sister, Debra’s. Then we played games as opposed to doing crafts. We needed to laugh that year. And boy did we! We played Charades. Dividing up into 2 teams and spreading out the younger kids evenly. (They had helpers when it was their turn to act out something!)

Here is Aunt Gail acting out … well, something?


And my mom…isn’t she cute?


This game lasted about an hour,and we had some good belly laughs, which were so therapeutic!


In ’06 after Mom left (I just hate the term:died~because, I believe she’s still alive, just not here. Hence: she left.), we gathered at a big restaurant for Thanksgiving.

Last year we met at Deb’s house. Again, we didn’t want to do things as usual, so we took some extra time to do a little something creative. We were double productive! We drew names for our upcoming Christmas party and we got our fun meters in the red! Here’s how:

To make the name drawing more fun, I made up this list of questions…


There were some grumbles when I handed these out during our cheese ball and hot cider time! But as everyone started working on the answers the smart-alec comments flowed and the laughter started. At first, just a giggle here and a chuckle there. Our fun meters weren’t quite in the red but they were moving in the right direction!




               After dinner, we mixed up the completed sheets and handed them out. Without saying who’s we got, each one of us went around the room and read the questions and answers out loud. I’m gonna tell you, there was some funny stuff! Then we tried to guess who’s answers were being read! And just like that we were having good belly laughs and our fun meters were way in the red!

(There were also a couple of fairly deep conversations started over some of the questions! “Fairly deep” is a relative term…I’m talking toes in the water deep, not neck deep!)


Debra, (Baby Sister) explaining what to do!



Before everyone left for the day we folded the sheets back up and put them in a basket and drew names. We kept the person’s name a secret until our Christmas party!

Okay, so life isn’t only about fun, but don’t most families have their share of “serious” on any regular day?  On holidays, sometimes the fun meter just needs to hang out in the red for a few hours, that’s one big thing I’m keeping in mind while planning Thanksgiving this year!

I’m going to put in ideas for a couple of crafts in the next few days in case your imagination needs a tiny boost. And if you have any thoughts on keeping my fun meter in the red, please share!







  1. Okay. Keep that up and I’m going to demand that you write a book about making the holidays about more than the stuff Wal-Mart puts out the day after the last holiday is over.

    That was fantastic! I think games might be a good idea this year. If we do this questionnaire, I think I’ll say in lieu of a gift we should write a letter about what we or we and others like about the recipient and maybe add something handmade, make up a song or poem, or hunt down a picture of them from a collection they don’t see regularly. That could get really funny with my mom’s bunch of people.

    Robin, I feel more hopeful than I have all year about getting through the difficulty of missing my brother this year. YES! We need to laugh. I think I’m really starting to love you Robin. :O) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. See… you really are carrying on a legacy. You are making the young members of your family as richly involved as the ones before made you.

    I’m a bit envious because my family are not “participators.” I could do all those things and threaten them with sledgehammers and they still wouldn’t fill out the cards. But I love them to pieces anyway… and want to come to your house for the holiday 🙂

  3. just found you from the blog party website and have perused a few of your posts. i can’t believe ya’ll wore those pilgrim outfits!! that’s such a hoot, but a fun memory as well. at least it looks that way from the pictures!

    i love your writing. i can hear your voice when you type!

    one other question, in case i forget it at the party saturday night: where’d you get that shirt “i party on sundays”? i want one! looking forward to meeting you…

  4. Hmmm. So i’m not the only one who says WRITE A BOOK FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME.

    I love you. Keep it up.

    Jenn above said it well. “We can hear your voice when you type.”


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