Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 1, 2008

~I’ve got them…those joy butterflies~

Our Halloween night was yummy.  We ate white chicken chili and saw a few trick-or-treaters. But there weren’t that many last night.  Not sure what happened, but I am sure that I have an obscene amount of chocolate left.  This could be a problem. 

We went upstairs and snuggled in bed pretty early with cold milk and warm brownies.(And cookies for the pups!) 

Mike and I woke way early and he’s off to play golf with our son-in-law, Jon.  I’m meeting my little pregnant daughter Stephie for coffee on the Marietta Square.  I’m just giddy because it’s cold and I get to wear a scarf! (You know, I’m a Southerner that longs for snow!)  Then Stephie and I are shopping for Christmas decorations for her new house! 

I have joy butterflies this morning and I’m hoping you have some tickle you today.



  1. Hey Robin…come January when it so blasted cold up here (Indiana) and blowing to beat the band I will trade places with you. For now, head over to this blog and check it out:

    You and Karma would make good buddies.

  2. Robin: I submitted a comment and it never showed up so I don’t know if it got messed up or not.

    When it is so blasted cold here (Indiana) in January and blowing to beat the band, I will trade places with you. IN the meantime you need to check out this blog. You and Karma would have much in common.

  3. Nothing brings me more joy than knowing my friends are joyful 🙂

    That, and the fact that I now know what white chili is… you’re just teaching me all the time, Miss Robin…


  4. Joy Butterflies, I love it! I was thinking of you yesterday while I was preparing for my son’s fall party. I have not a crafty bone in my body and was thinking the next time I am in charge of an event like this I am so contacting you! There are times I could really use a “mommy mentor!” I have a wonderful mother who went to work when I was in the 4th grade and is still working full- time at age 73! She would probably tell you she lived her life for work and now is afraid to quit because she never thought about what she would do outside of work when she retires!

    Thanks for sharing the butterflies!

  5. Morning joy butterflies! That is wonderful. You are quite the morning person, aren’t you? That is excellent Robin. You sound so bubbly! I hope you had a wonderful time shopping with Stephie.

  6. […] know what it is? It’s those joy butterflies  all decked out in their Seasonal finery! I really thought […]

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