Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | October 23, 2008

Heaven help me! My sins have found me out!(not all of them just this one)

I had a strange feeling something like this might happen! But I shoved my “worse case scenario” thoughts aside and looked the other way.  (I have a worse case scenario thought about absolutely everything. It’s a curse!)  Here’s the (very unimportant) thing:

I’m getting a new oven and microwave.  Even though we’ve gotten a pay-cut, we still need an oven right?  And mine takes 30 minutes to broil a piece of toast.  Why, you ask, don’t you use your toaster to make toast?  That’s easy, I threw my toaster away in July.  It was yucky.  Not dirty per-se, but yucky.  You know, the bread bag melted on the side of it yucky.  It was mocking and verbally abusive each and every time I pulled it out of the cabinet.  So it had to go.  I never looked back.

But I digress.  A while ago,  I picked out this awesome, practically million dollar oven. (you know what I mean, not a million bucks, but a lot) Then the pay-cut. So…regroup.  I researched and found an oven for about ten bucks.(compared to the first one!) It’s a good oven and I’m excited about getting it.  There’s a pretty microwave that matches! And really, what else do you need in a popcorn popper besides pretty?  Anyhoo, I had in my devious little mind that they would be here BEFORE my party.  Sooooo,  about 2 weeks ago, I just quit cleaning my oven and microwave.  Stopped. Cold turkey. Oh it felt good. Like I was in some way, sticking it to that oven and microwave for getting old and unreliable.

Don’t judge me, I wiped off crumbs, just not the “cooked on” spills.  I smiled to myself knowing that soon the ugly, dirty little things would be going away.  You see it coming don’t you?  Wait for it:  I’m not getting my new oven and microwave before my party! 

 I was thinking of maybe taking a picture to show you how bad they look.  But, I’m not gonna lie, I’m completely humiliated. One more thing I’m adding to my “to-do” list.  Or maybe not~



  1. HA! I love it!! Always works like that!!! I am sure your guests will understand!!

    You have received a blog award! Check out my blog!

  2. Just don’t let anyone look in your oven or microwave. Offer to do everything. When they ask very humbly say, “I want to serve you” (while praying for forgiveness). Good story Robin. I think we all have “advanced” our thinking too far and presumed too much. (I do hope you get your oven and mw before Thanksgiving).

  3. OH thank you for your honesty! My sister! I stopped cleaning my microwave for the same reason, and then I decided to wait on getting a new one.

    I put a bowl of water with lemon in for seven minutes to soften the gunk (it works beautifully) and this time, the paint came off the top of the microwave.

    Now I’m wondering if microscopic paint particles are wafting into our food when we use the microwave. Guess I’ll get a new one after all. It’s a shame because the outside still looks so good.

  4. Just proudly display that your oven is dirty because it shows you actually cook for your family.

    Mine’s clean as a whistle but it’s because it’s never really been used… I would have a clue if it even has the capacity to broil something…


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