Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | October 22, 2008

Don’t ‘cha love party favors?

Today I’m going to work on party favors.  I love to give gifts.  This is my favorite part of party planning.  I like for everyone to leave with a little somin-somin.  Here are a few things I”ve given out at past parties… Sometimes, I fill a pretty bowl with favors and leave them on the hall-tree at the front door. Other times I put them at each persons place setting…

One Easter I found lots of old postcards (previously mailed!) and decoupaged them onto boxes. One sat at each of the girls places. (Boys got Chocolate Easter Bunnies)

Another Easter, I spent months going to antique stores finding mismatched beautiful china cream & sugar bowls. Then I added some silk flowers and let all the girls pick their favorite.  This sugar bowl from Belgium was the one they left for me!

Last Christmas, I tied these adorable ice skates to the girls napkins~(I think they’re ornaments!)

These are the chap-sticks I have left from a wedding shower.  I covered them with stickers from an art museum!

At our Family Fall Party, I gave the girls these to use as Christmas ornaments later in the season!

 The pinecones are lightly sprayed with bronze glittery paint, I bought them this way at Walmart (2 for $1.00!)and added a pretty bronze ribbon!

With a little thought your guests can leave your party with something fun that doesn’t break the budget!



  1. I do, I do, I do….love party favors!!! And you make gorgeous ones! I need to come to a party at your house!!! So nice!!

    Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and prayers! I am getting back to normal and feeling safe again! Maxie is back to her normal crazy self!! So, life is not so bad!

    I also looked at your beautiful fall pics! Wow!!!!!! So pretty! I love fall!

  2. Believe it or not, there are people (like me) who don’t know how to do party favors. Oh, we love them, but putting cute stuff together stresses us. And on a budget???

    Also, setting tables for parties doesn’t come easily for us. I always call my mom and she brings little doo-dads from her house and makes lovely centerpieces–just like yours. Keep your ideas and pics coming. It brings hope for the party-favor-centerpiece-challenged people like me.


  3. Holy crap! I wanna come to your party… that looks like SO MUCH FUN. And I think you’ll like it more on a budget; challenging your creativity is the best part, and it looks like you have creativity to spare…

  4. Love them! Sara and I can share a chair–if you have a wide chair cause this baby got back all over the place. Sigh.

    Those look so nice. And I was going to tell you about Aldi’s 2.99 bouquets of fresh flowers and the option of (free) duck tape bookmarks for the guys, but I think you’re doing alright without my redneck suggestions.

    Who would think of your favors! Did you think those up by yourself? I am blown away. The little sugar bowls are just too much!

  5. wow, love it. You are amazing, and I know the things you may seem like take a long time and are silly really DO mean so much for the people who received and make such special memories!

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