Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | October 21, 2008

Setting the stage for more important things…

Up at 4 am! Thoughts and more thoughts.  My to-do list jumping up and down in my head demanding attention.  I took some time to read the Bible and talk to God. My question for Him this morning was: why do I put so much effort into these family things? Am I focusing too much on the unimportant?

The answer came quick and precise. I do this because my mom did it.  She was a veritable fountain of creativity. Mom made, created and  transformed our family times into the richest of memories  All this,  however, was a means to an end. She did this, so when we came together we could focus on more important things.  Like seeing one another with family eyes.

What are family eyes?  They are the best kind of eyes. They are God’s eyes looking out at you from the inside of another person.  It’s like this:  when you walk into a room full of people and you see them.  You really see them for who they truly are. And love them deeply. Family eyes look past the shortcomings.  Past silly disagreements and differences of opinion.  Past the surface stuff and into the person God made.  Family eyes see the potential.  Family eyes see the dreams, the disappointments, the insecurities and the glory of who we are. 

 When you leave with family eyes, you have not only loved others unconditionally, but if your lucky, you’ve been loved that way too.  For a little while you notice you feel good about you. You’re seeing yourself through the eyes of those you’ve been with.  And you’re better for it.  My mom was so good at this. 

It wasn’t always this way with us.  But there is something almost magical about seeing with family eyes.  When one person starts, it’s contagious. Fast spreading.  Mom started it and seeing with family eyes is part of her legacy.

So this morning as I hustle and bustle around getting things in order for the 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party, I know it’s much bigger than that.  I’m setting the stage.  Getting this little house ready to welcome my family and give us a place to love on each other. Everyone needs to spend time steeping in unconditional love and that’s what we’ll be doing on Saturday.

If your family doesn’t see each other with family eyes, you be the first.  I promise it’s intoxicating and addicting.  Try it, you’ll see~

.Some of the fam at the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!



  1. I’ve known this about you–that you have the ability to see people this way but I’ve never put words to it. I love “Family Eyes!”

    This is, as always, beautiful writing.

    My love,

  2. that’s a really lovely post…

  3. […] will also be praying for you today. Whatever it is you’re doing to set the stage for your family or friends, remember…it matters. Blessings friends and Happy […]

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