Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | October 16, 2008

I’m in “stylist” love … again

(This is not my stylist, this is my husband, Mike, I love him too!)

I went for a haircut yesterday.  I’m in the last quarter of a “very bad hair year”.  But my hair, like everything in Autumn, seems better.  I sat in the salon with my stylist, Chris,  looking down at my head.( I’m going to call him Chris, mainly because that’s his name. I frequently rename people when I feel the need.  I think it’s the story teller in me. But Chris is a good name for Chris.) He was lifting sections of my hair with two fingers, looking perplexed and then letting them fall back into place.  He proceeded to tell me that my hair doesn’t grow very fast.  (His exact words: “Damn you woman, your hair really doesn’t grow!)  Just like that we bonded.  He “gets” me.  I know my hair is slow growing, I just need the person who snips off an inch a month to realize that I’ll have a crew cut in under 2 years if they keep snipping off an inch a month!

He and I  talked about politics and the economy.  We have so much in common.  We are both sick of politics and we both agree that women should give up eating before they give up getting a good haircut.  We talked about our dogs.  I told him I was saving money by cutting my dog’s hair. He said, “don’t use paper scissors on them like you did when you trimmed your own bangs or I’ll call doggy defax.”  Didn’t I tell you?  He “gets” me! 

Before I left he handed me a 1/2 bottle of hair product he wants me to try.  (I’ve already warned him not to attempt to sell me any products. I’m in product time-out where I will remain until I use up the ones I have in my bathroom cabinet.  I estimate that I won’t need a single product until November 2012! ) Anyhoo, he says: “I want you to have this.”  He was GIVING me something. I couldn’t help it.  I got all verklepmt.  I think maybe my eyes got watery because he patted my shoulder and said “We just had a moment didn’t we?” 

I am in stylist love.  This has happened a couple of times this year and I know I’ve been prone to break things off with my stylist and never look back.  But this time it’s for real.  It’s more than just stylist infatuation.  It’s true blue (stylist) love.  This time I’m in it for the long haul, you’ll see.

Last night we went out to dinner with some of the fam.  I was super excited to get to fix my new hair and go out on the town! So what if it was at Swollow at the Hollow (Barbecue) in Roswell, I’m a cheap date.  The food was yummy.  We laughed a lot.  Buddy and JonJon got the musician to sing “Meet Virginia”! (Who’s “hair is always a mess”!  Ya gotta know the song…) But most importantly, I completely forgot about my hair! (Doesn’t that define good hair? Hair you don’t have to think about?)  I may well have turned a corner.  My “No good, very bad hair year” may be coming to a premature end. 

Oh hallelujah!!!!  “God’s in His heaven, (my hair’s a non-issue) All’s right with the world!” (At least until November 5!)

ps…are you singing Meet Virginia in your head or is it just me?

JonJon (my awesome son-in-law)and Buddy(I call him my nephew, he thinks we’re cousins)

Uncle Roger and Stephie (Isn’t she glowing? She’s growing my 1st grandchild)

Aunt Gail! (My mom’s little sister 🙂



  1. As your best friend I cannot tell you how thrilled I am for you to be having a “stylist” love affair. Beside the fact that your hair looks great, he gets you! We are not always to get so I applaud him and am giddy for you! Love love

  2. yea for you! my hair is a mess. it has been ever since I left AZ. I can NOT find a good stylist that gets me! I was waiting until I went back to AZ each time to go back to my stylist that I went to for 12 years before leaving, but I thought that was a bit silly.

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