Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | October 13, 2008


Mike and I have been puppy-sitting for Sadie Sue.  Sadie is Bethany and Darren’s puppy.  They have been in Chicago for Bethany’s marathon.

I love Sadie.  I love dogs period.  Bethany and Darren might not let me keep her any more though…

I have a house full of dogs…Boo, Bella, and Bindi are my little Maltese.  Ollie is the sweetest dog on the planet and a Beagle/Jack Russel mix.   Most of the afore mentioned pups adore Sadie.  Boo is the exception here.  He was my first love and hasn’t gotten over the fact that he’s not an only child anymore.  He mostly runs and hides from Sadie Sue.  

She has played non-stop in her waking hours.  And when she’s tired she just collapses at my feet.  She wasn’t eating very well and I started adding a little warm water and a tiny bit ( really tiny like the size of 1/2 of a penny) of the white pups homemade food in with her yucky food. (I bake  chicken breasts and put them in a food processor and mix brown rice and green beans…they also get a multi vitamin!)

Sadie loves my concoction, she scarfs this down in under a minute…

I don’t work at the moment and besides the gym and coffee with my friend Ruthie and lunch with my girls, I’m home most of the time. 

I fear she’s a little spoiled and may have a tough time leaving me.  I’ll miss her terribly too. 

 Sadie Sue napping at my feet while I’m writing!

Bella & Bindi relaxing on the chair next to me

Ollie snuggled in his bed very near my chair

Boo napping in the den…he needs his personal space


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