Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | October 1, 2008

Lessons From the Grave…

We’ve been getting my daughter Stephanie and her husband Jon’s new house ready to move in.  We took a day and had  a painting party and almost got the entire inside painted!  Here are a few pictures of us in action…

Steph being silly!  Jon    Stephie’s best friend, Katie

Mike in the baby’s room~      Me and my ladder!


The painting day went really fast. But before we could paint we had to get the house cleaned out.  After closing, Steph and JonJon got more than they bargained for. I’m going to tell a little of that story today and tomorrow as it’s kinda long and I don’t want you bored!  Here’s the first little bit…


Evelyn was her name. She was 59 and died of cancer in April. She had no husband or children. Last weekend, she sent me some lessons…from the grave I guess.


My daughter Stephanie and her husband Jon bought Evelyn’s house. It’s an adorable cottage type house that Evelyn built with care. (I know this because I found pictures of the house in varying stages of completion.)


Steph and Jon got more than they bargained for when they closed on the house. One of Evelyn’s relatives handled the sale of the house. On the day before the closing she had the furniture moved, but left all Evelyn’s personal effects. She was to go back into the house immediately following the closing and get  everything. She cried a lot and begged them for the afternoon to retrieve the “stuff”. Stephie and Jon felt sorry for her, so they agreed to close before the house was completely cleaned out. Friday night after the closing, when Steph and Jon went to the house, it was full. The lady just left town without touching anything in the house.


Evelyn’s private papers. Her clothes. Her toiletries. Her dishes. Her cancer medicines. Spoiled food. Everything except the furniture, left for Steph and Jon to deal with. Stephie is not easily overwhelmed. But she’s 3 months pregnant and the prospect of moving both herself and the previous owner sent her over the edge. So as Mom and Dad’s tend to do…Mike and I ran to help. Over the next two days, like Stephie and Jon, I too got more than I bargained for.

…more tomorrow: )



  1. OH MY GOSH………I cannot wait to hear the rest of this story! Wow!

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