Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | September 23, 2008

Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves…

“Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.”  That keeps going over and over in my head.  I think maybe God is using those wise words to help me with my budget.  Mike and I do not spend on big things.  But boy we spend a little here, a little there… and it adds up.

We’ve made lots of cuts already, most painfully, Starbucks.  The latte effect right?  I do allow myself Starbucks once a week, but instead of a 4 dollar latte, I get a coffee, it’s lots cheaper.

We’ve cut back on our cable bill by getting rid of premium channels, we usually just flipped through the channels, never settling on anything. 

I cut back on my hair budget, which had gotten WAY out of hand in my never-ending search for life changing hair! We cut back on the Tivo bill, we had 2 Tivo’s and 2 DVR’s …that’s just crazy.

We cut back on our entertainment budget by having more date nights at home.  The options here are endless. Sometimes we bring home pizza from Costco, (It’s good and cheap!)or grill out and make brownies.  I light candles all over the den and we talk about anything that is good and positive. No budget conversations allowed on date night! We also like to have movie nights at home with movie candy and popcorn.  The movies are usually not worth the high cost at theatres anyway. 

We cut back on our grocery budget, paying closer attention helped a lot, if I plan menus ahead I can always save money.  It’s those haphazard trips to the grocery store when I just put in whatever looks good that really makes the bill go sky high!

 I canceled our on-line coffee service (Keruig coffee pods at the door once a month). I’m making more pots of coffee and less one cups!

I cut out my Amazon book budget.  I read a lot!  I’m going more often to the used book store in my area.  Lots of savings here, the books I read are not for trade but they are half off the cover price!

That brings me to today  Today, I’m working on the second round of cuts.  I’m getting rid of the Internet on my blackberry, cutting back on another DVR and getting rid of HDTV.  (Half the time we don’t even turn on the HD channels!) I’m going to see about cutting more out of our grocery budget too as we’re still wasting food with just the two of us at home.  

Are your watching the pennies in hopes the dollars will take care of themselves? It takes thought and creativity.  And it sure helps to have a positive attitude.  Anyone can spend money and live well.  But it’s a gift to be able to live well on just a little.



  1. One of our greatest challenges in these economic times is gift-giving. Especially with the holidays right around the corner. I’ve discovered the we can give the smallest of gifts and turn them into meaningful expressions by connecting them to traditions and legends and writing a small personal note. We can even turn practical gifts, like socks, into something MORE, by taking the time to link the color of each sock to a particular expression or emotion. For instance, give your teenage niece, a few cozy pairs of socks, a pink pair to express your love, a blue pair for healing and a black pair to help absorb the negativity of the day. Wrote the note of “love” for each pair and put them in a funky box or gift bag. Now it’s a lot more than just socks and every time she wears them she’ll think of you. — Patricia Sheehy, author, Giving with Meaning.

  2. I also don’t have internet on my BlackBerry, and definitely do not go to the grocery store without a list prepared – to sort out what is really necessary and what I could do without. I am also one of the few people I know that doesn’t subscribe to a cable service – it is all junk anyways, right?, and I am otherwise on the Internet or reading. I also frequent the library for books, as it is free and I already own too many to be buying more.

  3. It is kind of fun to be creative in the money area. This next month my focus is going to be on cutting our food budget. I am going to try and plan at least two weeks out. Eating healthy fresh foods cost more but I know there are creative ways to do it.

  4. Hey gal:
    I stumbled on your older posts about budgeting. Inciteful. I thought you’d be interested in knowing that the Oprah-endorsed Coupon Mom will be speaking locally this weekend. It’s free, but you have to register online at

    I’ll be there to learn all I can about saving. I’ve been using the Coupon Mom system for a while now and am loving it. I saved $78 on my last trip to Kroger. Woo woo!

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