Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | September 22, 2008

Trying to Bail ourselves Out!!!

Mike and I have been talking about money all weekend.  After last weeks bail-outs we’ve tried to take an even closer look at our budget.  It wasn’t a newsflash that times are tough.  We got a huge pay-cut in August and have been adjusting and readjusting our lifestyle ever since.  I admit it, before August, we did what we wanted.  Actually, we still do what we want…we just don’t want to do as much!

We had to broach tough things like the fact that we’re entering the holiday months.  Months that we host lots of family events.  Should we cut them out?  How will we cut back on Christmas.  We do HUGE gift giving at Christmas. 

One of our air conditioners gave up the ghost on Friday. (Mike has asthma, no open windows in our house, and we live in the deep south…it’s hot here)  Our oven is on the blink and I’ve been excited about getting a new oven until our pay-cut.   Our deck needs to be replaced and our youngest daughter is getting married next year…okay, maybe I need to get a job. Quick!

So this is kinda how it went, except we attached lots of numbers to everything.  In the end the news was sobering.  But it is what it is right?

This kind of conversation is most likely taking place all over the country right now.  Many people are in a tighter place than we are.  But the good news is that it’s during these times that we creative Americans start churning out ideas to make ends meet.  Mike and I decided to go ahead with our family get-togethers but cut the budget for each one.  I’ve got some ideas already and I’ll let you know how we flesh this out.  (I’m pretty good at making “something” out of “not much”)  Christmas gift giving however, is going to be cut a lot.  We’ve always tried to take the focus off of “stuff” and this year we’ll be forced to do that.  I bet it will be one of our best Christmas seasons yet!  I do have to figure out a creative and positive way to present this to the rest of the family. 

I’d  love to hear ideas on how you are cutting back and still living a good life.  Ideas about how you might cut corners on holiday parties and gift giving…

What do “they” say…necessity is the mother of invention…well “Mother” just came to town didn’t she?



  1. Oh my goodness, we need to have a few skull sessions and see if we can share some ideas, recipes, money saving tips. We really want to do good on our October budget so we will have money for Christmas. Let’s talk!

  2. you have a great plan and it is great you are planning already and not waiting until the last moments to try and figure out how you are going to make things work.
    praying for you and have a great week!

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