Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | September 17, 2008

I could get used to this empty-nest thing!!!

Okay…so this is my first week as an empty-nester.  And you won’t believe how it’s going!!!

 My second daughter, Stephie’s husband Jon, is out of town for the week.  So Stephie, who is 11 weeks pregnant with our FIRST grandchild, is staying with us for the week!  Yesterday, Emma  (the baby who just moved out with her dog, Jetty bean), got a new pup, Aubie, and spent the afternoon and evening with us so we could meet the new puppy.  And Bethany, our oldest daughter, dropped in and hung out all afternoon.

      Emma & Aubie       

  Ollie meets Aubie

    Me & the new “grandpuppy

   Stephie,Bella & Aubie     


 Baby Aubie

I made an early dinner.  We took pictures of the puppy and laughed a lot.  Mike came home to a flurry of activity.  We sat around with mugs of milk and cappacino brownies that I whipped up at some point during the day, and just enjoyed each other. 

It’s so sweet of God to ease me into this empty nest thing.  This morning I got up with Steph and made her a light breakfast and some coffee and sent her off to teach her highschool English classes.  (She has a big oatmeal cookie and a banana in a little brown bag!) She’s been great letting me “baby” her. She only works half days this year, so this afternoon , when she gets home we’ll make something good for dinner and maybe brainstorm about our upcoming family holiday parties. 

Yesterday was a good day…and today has promise…I could really get used to this empty-nest thing!

                                      This was a good day~



  1. Smiling here. Great post. Stephanie looks wonderful and happy and at peace. 🙂 And look at Emma’s darling expression. Yes, yes, the puppies are cute too.

    I’m wondering–does anybody but me in this almost-empty nesting-age group keep dreaming you’re pregnant? I’m dreaming it most nights now.


  2. I ran across your blog and wanted to say just how adorable your fur-babies are!!! I have a spoiled rotten Maltese as well…..and I mean SPOILED!

    Where in the deep-south are you from? I am from Memphis but living in Brussels, Belgium currently.

    Have a great day!

  3. I could get used to this living w/ my parents thing! Thanks for making it such a fun and relaxing week. I love and appreciate you.

    PS Want to bet on whether Julie is actually pregnant or not? 🙂

  4. Okay, it would be nice if you could get your children’s full picture in the pictures with the mutts, they are cute but I would like to see Bethany’s face. You did get Steph. I am so glad you had fun with your girls!

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