Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | September 14, 2008

Pajama Sunday

It’s 4:45 on Sunday afternoon and I’m still in bed in my pa-jay-jay’s.  The Sunday paper is stacked next to me. My blackberry is somewhere in the covers (the girls have been texting me today),  the remote is under there too.  The book I’m reading today, The Tea House on Mulberry Street, sits next to me on the night stand.  The pups are dozing here and there all over the bed.  Mike is snuggled in too, back from golf with Darren, watching the Falcon’s game.  I am so relaxed I’m in danger of melting… this is what I call: A Pa-jay-jay (pajama) Sunday. 

We planned on helping Emma (our baby who is the last one to leave our nest) move into her apartment today.  So we got out of responsibilities at church and at the last minute she didn’t need us.  Mike decided to play golf.  I’m a bit emotional about my brand new empty nest so I thought I’d be good to myself and indulge in a pa-jay-jay Sunday.  I’m happiest on these days.  Me and the pups. They are just giddy.  We’ve gone downstairs several times to grab snacks and let them out.  But they run back up the stairs, tails wagging, wanting to jump back into the comfy bed.Ollie snuggled in….



Tonight we’re doing an easy dinner. I’ll rub some olive oil on big potatoes and sprinkle them with coarse sea salt and garlic powder.  Those potatoes baking in the oven make the house smell so good.  When  they are almost done  I’ll saute some mushrooms in Worcestershire sauce and butter.  Simple but satisfying Sunday dinner. 

Then a bath and fresh pajamas…today is a good day…



  1. Okay, I am jealous, that looks like the best day ever. Even the dogs looked relax.
    Maybe Thursday and Friday will be like that for us. Do come. We can do our own thing and then get something to eat and just relax.

  2. I’m thinking there must be something to the “little dog” thing. Thomas’s girlfriend got a new one yesterday–mix cock-a-poo and poodle. He has curly black hair and this unforgettable face. A-DOR-A-BLE. And there are two left……………Hmmmmmm. I’m not sure how to be the mommy of a little dog. Your puppies all look so peaceful, like you, on your beddy-bye.

    Maybe I should think about a puppy.

    And hiring Ruthie as a Life Coach!

    Hugs to you–Ruthie and Rob.

    P.S. Blog about Emma’s new home.


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