Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | September 11, 2008

Anticipating Bliss

Pay attention!  You’re entering bliss.  Autumn.  It’s bound to happen and if you aren’t careful you’ll miss the glorious days leading up to it.  Everyone loves the holidays.  Thanksgiving. Christmas.  But years ago I noticed something.  In January when I’d read over my  journal from the 12 months before, there was a certain time of the  year that just warmed me to my toes.  It started in late September.  It was the buildup to Autumn.  The buildup to the holiday season.  I don’t mean Christmas.  For me, it’s October through December…the entire three months! 

So for years now I start anticipating my favorite three months in September.  I let joy butterflies tickle my middle for no real reason.  I go outside in the early mornings and breathe in the cooler, fresher air.  A few days ago, I cleared my house of anything remotely resembling summer and and tucked a couple of scarecrows here and there.   A big wreath of pumpkin orange, sunflower yellow, and crimson colored leaves hangs on my brick red front door.  I change out my dishes with the seasons kinda like I change out my clothes.  I like to eat on warm colored dishes in the fall.  Dishes with big heavy bowls to hold the chili and thick soups and stews that I start making in October.  My coffee mugs change too.  No more aqua ocean colored mugs.  I prefer to sip coffee on a chilly morning from a mug that resembles the firey display on the trees outside my kitchen window.

So, I’m living these days in anticipation of my favorite time of year.  Just wanted to remind you in case you feel  joy butterflies in the days to come, stop for a moment and breathe in the bliss.


  1. Okay, you really did not do it justice on how much you decorate for each season. Every ounce of your house is displayed in the spendor of the new season. It is truly magnificent how you do it. I LOVE COMING TO YOUR HOUSE EACH NEW SEASON. You make me feel it all over. You make we want to go and change everything but usually I go and buy a pumpkin and call it quits. I am just not good at it like you but I sure enjoy yours!

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