Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | September 9, 2008

And the Answer Is…

“Tomorrow.  I’ll be there in person, at your kitchen table, tomorrow at say…seven.”

What if God said that to you.  What questions would you ask Him?  You know, after the inevitable falling on your face, when He gave you permission, what would you want to know?  Sometimes I think about that.  It’s usually when I have big questions and I’m unsuccessfully searching for an answer.  Don’t get me wrong, I ask Him.  Even though I can’t physically see Him I believe He’s here and I ask.  And I listen.  I pay attention.  I try to stay open to His direction.  But darn it sometimes I feel like God is earily silent. 

 Once, I thought God told me that the answer I needed was already inside me.  He’d anticipated my question and He’d already put the answer in me.  So I went inward and sure enough I found it.  And since then, I’ve found answers to many of my questions that very same way. So many times in fact that I was about to make it a rule: When you need an answer from God, look deep inside you. He’s already put the answer in there.  But then this series of questions came up and I’m in danger of drowning I’ve gone so deep into my thoughts, emotions, impressions,recent sermons, Bible passages, journals…

Yes sir sometimes it feels like a guessing game or more to the point, Russian Roulette, this hearing God thing.  At least that’s how it feels today. But hey, there’s always tomorrow.


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