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The no good, very bad hair year…


I’m having a no good, very bad hair year…this isn’t like financial ruin or cancer.  But it’s kinda of big deal to me.  I broke up with my stylist of eight years several months ago.  I kept telling her what to do and she kept listening.  What do I know, I don’t cut hair.  I went to a friend who owns a salon.  He said he could really help out my hair.  He helped me see that my three years of growing my hair out…did you understand that I said THREE years, was the wrong thing to do…apparently my hair breaks off at the ends and is “thin and stringy”!  He also mentioned that my all over color was a little “drab”.  So, he cut off almost 3 years of growth and highlighted my hair.  Now, I have to say he was probably right about the cut, it did look thicker and healthier when it was shorter, but by the time I’d been to him three times I’d spent a thousand dollars and I looked like a washed out blonde.  So I broke up with  my friend…

Dirty blonde and shorter…

And went to this edgy salon that my daughter goes to.  Everyone who works there has florescent pink or purple hair or some combination of the two.  Except my colorist. She has hair the color of a bright shinny new penny.  I ask her to cover up my blonde highlights and when I left her chair I too had bright shinny new penny hair.  I frightened myself.  Next the stylist who cut my hair, listened to my woes and suggested he cut a longish “shag”.  “Heavy bangs” he said.  He spent 45 minutes and had some pretty fancy moves with those scissors.   I was mesmerized just watching him flip his wrists and dramatically move all around my head.  It looked almost choreographed.  When he was done my bangs started at the very back of my head.  Picture a bad comb-over.  Or comb-forward… While he was blowing it dry he said: “If this doesn’t work for you, I’ll put in extensions next time…”  I squinched my eyes and looked at my fuzzy reflection in the mirror…”Did he just suggest that my hair may be so bad that I’ll need fake hair next time?” 

I knew I was in trouble.  When I got home I proceeded to tuck my hair behind my ears for 2 months for lack of anything else to do with it…my daughter said I looked like I had gotten a mullet.mullet &  new penny colored hair!

So I broke up with my edgy colorist and stylist.  This time following another one of my spawn to a really nice chic salon near the mall.  The owners assistant colored my hair.  This time it was a real color.  One that might actually grow on someones head. It was good, I didn’t scare myself.  The owner, who was in charge of cutting my hair listened to my bad hair year story and told me he’d never seen bangs back this far.  He informed me that I would have to give him at least three months to fix this.  I swear his brow was wrinkled the entire time he cut my hair.  He kept shaking his head…and ultimately,he took off two more inch’s.  So much for the three year grow out…

As he finished blowing it dry he bent down so we were face to face and said: “I’m sorry to have to send you out looking like this…” (He may have finished the sentence with: “don’t worry,  I’ll fix it in a few months”, but I don’t remember I was trying to hard not to cry)

This is where I am now…and it brings me very bad memories.  When I was a little girl with waist length hair, I got a very bad and very extreme hair cut from a third cousin twice removed who was a barber. I looked somewhat like the little dutch boy and my sweet mother somehow knew we had to fix it.    It may have been  my wailing all the way home in the car “I loooookkkk liiiikkkkeee a BOY!!!” that tipped her off. 

 So we went to Rich’s Department Store and a very sweet little man took one look at my hair, opened his arms, comb in one hand, scissors in the other and said: “Pixie!  I see a pixie on that head!”  Something amazing happened as that little sprite gave me a pixie hair cut…my face grew.  I swear to you that when I left Rich’s my face was a least 6 inch’s longer than when I went in…Clearly to everyone, a pixie is not the cut for me. It took the better part of puberty to grow my hair out and I’m still suffering with hair phobia that no amount of therapy has been able to cure.  

That’s the shallow story of my bad hair year. Maybe I should have stayed with my long time stylist…but I know she’ll never take me back, I’m used goods now.   I’m going to stay committed to the owner of my new chic salon and his colorist.  It feels good and I like them.  I know you are on the edge of your seat so l’ll  keep you posted…



  1. OH MY GOSH, you are hilarious!. I have lived every cut with you. I remember years ago when I would go to the Hair Cuttery and then complain about my bad hair you would say, “Ruthie, You get what you pay for!” I must say that is not always true, as we have so witnessed the thousands of dollars we have both spent on our hair and not been happy with our hair or had very healthy hair at times. :O)

    You did not mention the trance you get in when you go to a stylist. I always think of you as a very confident person and someone who knows what you want but then you go and pay cagillions of dollars and do what the person tells you and buy millions of dollars worth of products that you swore you would not buy. Who is that woman? I remember years ago you telling me that when you went to a stylist you told her to cut an 1/2″ inch off the bottom and that you meant a 1/2″ and not a hair more. lol

    I think you have a good one this time. I know your old one would be happy to take you back, but I think you should give him the three months. The color is rich and I like the cut. You have NOTHING to be embarrassed about, your hair looks really GREAT and healthy! You are beautiful inside and out!

  2. i enjoyed this hair story. and i like the look now. thanks for the prayers! love

  3. I’ve read and re-read this. Laughed until tears rolled. So real–the sign of a fantastic writer. You’re not afraid to tell the truth about how you feel and to laugh at yourself.

    Sisters in Hair,


  4. Oh Mom, your hair doesn’t look bad at all! But I still enjoyed laughing my way through your blog 🙂

  5. Hummmmmmm, good timing…..thanks!! My barber, Gerald,
    talk’s more than just about anybody I have ever met. He
    circles the airport the whole time I’m in his chair, stopping
    the cutting process, way too often, to get in my face, ( my
    eyes are closed, I’m trying to sleep, just cut my d_ _ _
    hair ), to make a point! Anyhoo ( as my favorite writer has
    want to say ), after reading your blog today, maybe I’ll just
    take a Valium, just kidding, and try to be a better listener.

    I was seriously thinking of moving on, but will put that
    thougt behind me and just sit there, hoping Gerald won’t
    get too carried away and cut my ear off…..or something: )

    love you,


  6. […] had my hair cut the other day. If you haven’t checked out my post on my no good very bad hair year, take a look, I have had some major hair drama! But what’s hair got to do with it, I’m […]

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