Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | August 25, 2008

The Great State of Denial

It’s not that I’m a liar.  I just sometimes live outside the  whole truth.  In the great state of  Denial, I like to say.  

 If I look at my life like a big house and my “state of denial” kinda like a room in a house.  A room that’s been locked up for a long long time. In my memory, the room is in fine shape.  The room is foundational to the style and mood of the rest of the house.  The room is organized in my memory.  It’s pretty and feels light and airy. 

But then one day, out of nowhere, the door to the room stands open and I tentively tip toe inside.  To my complete horror, the room is in complete disarray.  Complete disrepair.  Not at all like I remember it. I stand there and take it in and I hate the room.  Why? Well the room has disappointed me. Depressed me.   And in a few hours I find I’m feeling negative about the whole house.  I see my entire house differently.  The lights are suddenly bright and showing all the flaws, I find that sadly,  I not only hate the room, I hate the house too.

And yes, the house is my life.

Anyhoo, that’s where I find myself today.  Looking at things honestly is not always easy and certainly not fun.  But maybe in the end I needed to see things as they really are before I can make things the way I really want them…



  1. Make sure that what you are seeing is really the entire picture. I think sometimes when we open the door instead of seeing the whole picture we spotlight an area and the light is so bright we think it encompasses everything and maybe it is just one area that is not so good. My wise sister always say, “it is what is”. I tend to make “what it is” much bigger and badder than needed be.

    I have a black table at home that is scarred; it has chips and dents all over it. My kids have glue, nail polish and paint all over it. I love every flaw because it means we have lived there and loved there. It is certainly not perfect and to a lot of people it needs a fresh coat of paint, for me it stands for sweet memories.

    You are a beautiful BRICK house to me my friend and I love and like your inner and outer house, every room has it’s own charm! Remodeling a room is not an out of date room is not a bad thing, but you leave the rest of the house alone, it is perfect to me!

  2. Last sentence should read, Remodeling an out of date room is not a bad thing, but you leave the rest of the house alone, it is perfect to me! Please correct for me. lol

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