Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | July 10, 2008

Here goes nothing…

Well, Ruthie started blogging so I’m following her.  I’ve done this often in our relationship, followed Ruthie…she’s easy to follow…so  here goes nothing~





  1. You are a writer, Robin. I mean it. You made me cry and feel. Adored the pictures.

    To your wonderful grandmother. I loved her too.


  2. Pheobe looked so great! She was a real lady. It was so funny when I read that about intelligent people don’t get bored. Susan used to tell Eldridge and Kayla that when we would spend time together in the Summer. It definitely shut them up!

    You made me remember times with my Granny Sapp. She was quite a lady with rituals. She came every morning to see us and fold a few clothes. She never came to our house without something to give. Sometimes it was just a stick of butter or a hunk of cheese, but she always gave. We used to watch I Love Lucy together and go to the Walgreens soda fountain and have an ice cream. Her rituals not only brought continement to her but order for my family. She never whined about the rituals (folding clothes, ironing, unloading the dishwasher) she helped my mother with each day. It gave her a sense of purpose and gave our home a peace I have never acknowledged before.

    Thank you for stimulating my good memories of Granny Sapp! Love you

  3. Those were great times, right? Mornings at Grama’s house. I walk around my yard now and remember how we would do the same thing in her yard. She would tell me the names of all the plants. I think that’s why I enjoy gardening so much. I do the same thing with Stacie and Kalie now. Well, I tried with Kalie but she usually runs screaming for the house because of the bugs!! I’ve already decided I want to introduce Ava to my love for gardening. And when she gets to spend the night with me I want it to be as special as the times I remember spending with Grama. Thanks for the amazing story! You are a writer as Julie said~you have a gift. Actually that would be just one of many! Proud you’re my sister, and you know I love you so much!
    By the way, Dad was right about your blog,”awesome”.

  4. Robin, all of us have treasure chests filled with memories from our past, but most can’t just select a memory from our childhood and craft a beautiful and wonderful story for others to enjoy. WOW! I smile every time I hear that word……., and I hear it often……but wow, I loved it!! Reminds me of that ZZ TOP song,”She’s got words and she knows how to use them.”
    Thank you for remembering your time with Gramma and sharing those memories with us. Thank you for reminding me once again how special she was (and continues to be) to our family, and the profound influence she had on the three “loves of her life”, her grand children. She was truly a sweet spirit, and I miss her a bunch.
    Thought you would be interested in some of the comments from others who read your blog: “Robin’s Gramma just seemed to incorporate Robin into her day. Loving her and showing her how to enjoy the simple”little things” that make life nice and worth living.”
    “Please, may I have a copy to send to my sister? It is so beautiful. I will keep it forever in my heart.” Janine is from Peru. The story really touched her heart.
    “I could feel the softness of the bed! I felt as if I was there, watching, experiencing all the things she was describing”

    I hope you will continue to share memories from your treasure chest, allowing us to experience the fun times you had, and maybe giving us a look back to our own “happy days”.

    With love,


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